Android Noga exceeds 10% of Android phones

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10 months after its launch, Android Noga has reached 10% of the currently active Android phones according to the company's latest statistics.

Google began to send an Android version of Noga for Nexus phones last August, and then the phones were available with the latest version of 7.1 in October, which means that the first five months of availability of the system has reached only 1% of Android phones, and in the next five months reached more than 9 %, Now exceeds the system with its main and branch updates 11%.

Marshalo's top-notch version still accounts for 31.8% of Android phones, while Luli Bob works on about 30% of active devices.

Shares of all the old Android systems, such as Kit Kat and Jelly Bean, have fallen over the past period as the user sees that he is in a position to buy a new phone with a newer Android version to take advantage of its advantages.

As more companies send Android Noga update to their leading and most widespread phones, we will notice an accelerated growth of this version at the expense of older versions such as Marshamlo and Luli Bob.

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