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Usually companies to open an account with the bank to which the deposit and withdraw money to and from the bank account, the process of deposit and withdrawal are carried out either by one commissioner, or through bank checks issued by 2,833,432.

The accounting treatment of cash in the bank
is the bank account of the asset accounts, to be recorded in the debtor party (Introduction) in the case of deposit or increase, records in the creditor party (ATI) in the event of withdrawal from or deficiencies as follows:

Under the deposit in the bank or the
creditor of the debtor's statement
of h/World Bank xxx
xxx h/fund to
withdraw the amount of the Fund and the World Bank
under the clouds from the World Bank or the
creditor of the debtor's statement
of h/Fund xxx
xxx to h/World Bank
to withdraw the amount from the bank and the Fund
in the checks, we explained the lesson on how to express restrictions on the operations of depositing checks to and from the bank.

The bank account
established to receive from the other account from the World Bank to clarify the financial movements that got the account of 36,459 FILINGS during a certain period, as well as the actual balance available in the account until a certain date, the facility after that match the disclosure contained from the bank with what is recorded in the books of the treaty, to be followed by the preparation of the special settlement restrictions bank account.

The settlement of the bank
from the rare to match the bank balance contained in the World Bank disclosed with apparent in the books of the bank balance established by the existence of financial operations had the bank recorded in the disclosure and did not register established in their books, as well as vice versa, established the registration of financial operations in its books did the bank recorded in detection, this is a group of financial operations that may lead to different notebook balance for the balance contained in the World Bank disclosed, which requires some preparation of settlement restrictions:

1 financial operations were restricted in the account contained from the World Bank and other restricted in apparent in the books of the bank account established:

In this case must be prepared for these operations to modify the restrictions on the settlement of the balance of the bank account in the books of the treaty, and it is these operations that need to settle As follows:

- the presence of the expenses and commissions and benefits Bank city had deducted substantiated in a bank account and you do not established probability in their books, when it is under preparation to prove such expenses in the books as follows:

debtor and creditor statement
xxx from h/banking fees and commissions
xxx to h/World Bank
banking fees and commissions, according to the disclosure contained in the bank
- there are benefits to the creditor on behalf of the property registered in the account contained from the World Bank and registered in the books of the treaty, when it is set up under the next settlement: the

debtor and the secured creditor statement
xxx from h/World Bank
xxx to h/creditor
creditor benefits in favor of the benefits established by the disclosure of the World Bank
- The World Bank has established collection of checks by sending it to the World Bank for is, in turn, collects ( Checks under collection) and added to the company's current account, No recorded in the books of the treaty, then the following is the preparation of receivable:

debtor and creditor statement
xxx m

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