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Digital transformation is an interesting topic, and we've been hearing about it a lot lately, but what exactly does it mean? What does it mean for companies? Especially in light of the technological development we live in, where your business must also develop, and it is not only about choosing companies and institutions for digital transformation; It is more about determining how to transform? Therefore, in this article, we will talk about digital transformation in general.
What is digital transformation?
Digital transformation as a whole is about becoming a digital organization, i.e. transforming into an organization that uses technology to develop all aspects of its business, meaning what the organization offers, and how it interacts with customers? How does it work?
Digital transformation refers to any modernization in information technology, starting with cloud computing, to digital improvement, the development of modern digital business models, and in general, the term refers to the reliance on digital technology in commercial or physical development or implementation of business operations.
Enterprise digital transformation
The digital transformation of organizations is defined as a process of analyzing customer needs, and utilizing technology to improve the user experience, users can be employees or customers, and many organizations need to take into account the opinions of these users.
Digital transformation is also about developing your organization's work by applying new technologies, and realigning your organization's current approach to dealing with common challenges.
Because digital transformation is defined as an evolution, it doesn't have to have a clear end point, and MIT Sloan Management Review says, "It's best to think of digital transformation as a continuous adaptation to an ever-changing environment."
This means constantly looking for ways to improve the end-user experience, which could be through training, migration of data to cloud services, exploiting artificial intelligence, and more.
Types of digital transformation
Studies highlight three main types of digital transformation in organizations:
customer experience
Attempting to understand customers in detail, relying on technology to drive customer growth, and applying different ways of communicating with customers.
Improving internal processes in the organization itself, by taking advantage of digitization, and ensuring that employees are empowered with digitization tools and data collection; To monitor performance, make accurate and informed decisions.
business models
Replacing traditional physical offerings with digital services and tools, and using technology; To provide services that transcend geographical boundaries, and to offer digital products beyond the traditional method.
What is the importance of digital transformation?
Each digital transformation initiative has its own goals, but the main goal of all digital transformation initiatives is to improve all the current operations of the organization. The importance of digital transformation comes from the nature of companies, and they must evolve; To remain influential in the industry and competition, and if you are not constantly evolving, your company is liable to be completely out of the competition.
The Bain & Company study asserts that “only 8% of global companies have been able to achieve results from their investments in digital technology.”
One of the strategies that differentiate leaders, is that they spend on the digital transformation of their business rather than just managing it, and digital transformation is important because it allows organizations to adapt to changing industries and always improve the way they work.
Benefits of digital transformation
Digital transformation and the right technology can dramatically improve how, how, and how customers interact. Among the benefits of digital transformation are:
Increases productivity and reduces labor costs
Relying on technology is one of the most impactful ways to transform your business and to operate more efficiently. For example, the time and money that organizations spend on training new employees, and updating digital tools can get out of hand, but with the right tools, you can maintain increased productivity. and lower costs.
Improving the services provided to customers
Customers want to have a comfortable and wonderful experience, by providing multiple communication methods, for example, various applications on mobile devices, email, social media, live chat, etc.
It is good to know that digital transformations have a powerful impact on improving customer experiences.
Improving the chances of competition
Competitors are looking to go digital, regardless of whether your organization is or not, choosing not to rely primarily on digital transformation is an admission that you don't mind being left behind.
Egypt is moving forward in its direction towards creating a digital Egypt, so it is working on developing the infrastructure of information and communication technology, as well as setting plans to achieve the goal of reaching a digitally integrated and interconnected state, and raising the level of performance of all state institutions. digital for organizations and society as a whole.

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