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Accounts Manual
The ledger contains, as we explained above, all the accounts of the company, and these accounts must be arranged in a way that makes it easier for the accountant to extract them when posting financial operations to them and when preparing financial reports. in the account tree.
Chart of Accounts (Tree of Accounts):
It is a list that contains the names and numbers of the accounts that determine their location in the ledger, and one of the methods used in preparing this guide is to divide the accounts into five groups (assets, liabilities, equity, revenues, expenses) so that each of these groups and accounts is numbered Its subsidiaries are divided into serial numbers, and the numbering method differs from one company to another, and this is one of the methods that can be used in preparing the chart of accounts:

The group of commitments takes the numbers (200-299)

The revenue group takes the numbers (400-499)
Account number Account name
400 revenue
410 main activity revenue
411 sales
412 sales returns
413 discount on sales
420 other income
421 investment income
422 rental income
Equity Group takes numbers (300-399)
Account number Account name
300 equity
310 capital
320 personal withdrawals
330 My neighbor is the owner of the company
340 reserves
350 retained earnings

Account number Account name
500 expenses
510 cost of sales
511 purchases
512 Procurement Expenses
513 purchase returns
514 discount on purchases
520 selling and marketing expenses
521 sales expenses
522 selling commissions
523 Advertising
530 Administrative and general expenses
531 salaries and wages
532 rent
533 electricity
534 phone and internet
535 maintenance
536 government expenses
537 waters

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