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Accounts and stores program
Do you want to have a powerful accounting program that helps you manage your project and ensures development and success for you and is easy and flexible in dealing with it by users, are you looking for an accounting program designed to suit all fields such as medium commercial companies, large and small institutions and contracting companies.
How to choose the strongest and best accounting software
When you choose an accounting program, you must take into account the need for it to contain many accounting systems and to divide all those systems into a unified database to facilitate dealing with it.
Accounting systems that are used in the accounts program:
First: the warehouse system:
This system is linked with the system of sales and purchases, as through the sale the store is affected by the shortcomings of the goods, and is affected by the increase through purchase.
Features of the warehouse system:
An accounting program through the warehouse system allows you to record all the transactions that take place inside the store, such as (incoming - outgoing - transfers - settlements - opening balances).
You can easily transfer goods from one branch store to another branch store.
It helps you to make a continuous physical inventory inside each store separately, with displaying the deficit and the increase for each store.
It helps you to register many items within the store with a code for each of them.
It also helps you to monitor the items inside the store.
You can review the items you are nearing completion.
It issues reports of sales and purchases made during the day.

Accounting software for stores
Second: Sales Program:
This system works on knowing the sales movement that takes place within each branch, and this system is linked with the warehouse system and the customer system.
Sales system features:
It helps to know the items that have been sold and to know the methods of payment.
It generates reports for each user.
It extracts reports for the quantity of items that are inside the store.
Contributes to the registration of multiple clients with knowledge of each one.
It extracts customer invoices.
Helps in extracting detailed customer reports of what has been purchased.
It enables you to monitor each user of the program individually by extracting detailed reports for him.
You can specify a discount rate, a credit limit, and a grace period for each individual customer.
It helps to track the profitability of each category.
Mohasaba follows up on debts owed by clients.
Follows up on sales that were sold in installments or on credit.
Makes a complete database for each client.

Third: Retail POS Program:
Fikra accounting program is one of the most widely used systems for retail trade, where the system works by extracting detailed reports with total returns and sales points, and it is a system linked to sales, stores and accounts.
Retail POS System Features:
Putting an end to each client's debts.
It extracts detailed reports for all sales, whether on credit, cash, or sales with discounts, specifying each point for each user.
This system facilitates dealing with weighted items with the possibility of updating prices and balance.
Helps in obtaining statistical indicators directly by monitoring sales.
The system uses the barcode process in the sale, which results in the disappearance of arithmetic errors for users.
The system allows setting many different permissions for each user.
Performs the posting of sales and returns for each cashier according to his points of sale.
Mohasaba program is based on providing all payment possibilities (on credit - cash - exchange returns - credit cards - coupons).
Mahal Accounts Program
Fourth: The Treasury and Banks System:
It is one of the important systems that control bank and cash accounts, and this program includes three main points:
daily movements:
Within the daily transactions, the system transfers documents from one bank to another.
He performs the entry of settlements through the accounting movement, which is the side of the creditor and the side of the debtor.
This system helps us by sending notifications, whether by adding or debiting the bank account.
It helps us to know all the different types of cash accounts, whether safes (sub-major).
We can define safes that allow dealing in different currencies.
It helps us to know all account balances with banks.

best accounting software
The system extracts reports showing all the receivables under collection.
It also makes a report on the arrest warrants that have been collected.
It extracts reports showing the rate of liquidity within the company, during a specific period, with the possibility of comparison with previous periods.

Fifth: Contracts, Contracting and Construction System:
This system is used by the accounting program, which depends on the contract between the project owner and the contractor based on the drawings, terms and specifications agreed upon in the construction contract.
Advantages of the contracts, contracting and construction system:
The system helps to monitor the suppliers of the project with the possibility of comparing prices.
Follows up on all client and subcontractor contracts.
It generates projected revenue reports for the project over a period.
Lists all overdue amounts through a list.
The system helps to follow up on all purchases through multiple cost centers.
Performs follow-up of the extracts, whether for contractors or clients.
Sixth: General Accounts System:
This system collects all financial information and reports by collecting entries resulting from writing documents for all parts of the program.
POS software
General Accounts System Features:
The program saves time by retrieving the accounts directory from external files.
It provides full support for all daily recurring entries that appear in the form of templates when making the accounting entry.
The program records daily restrictions in an easy way.
It extracts reports on currency differences.
Help us create more than one journal.

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