Best accounting software for small business

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Best accounting software for small business
Many companies face many errors when writing invoices, reviewing accounting papers, inventory operations, and adding items, in addition to problems resulting from accounts, delegates, suppliers, and sales and purchases.
Manage and create invoices in an easy and easy way:
Say goodbye to bills and the resulting accounting errors, as you will create bills, manage them and review them smoothly, and you can keep a copy of them on your device without the need to print them
Create a purchase invoice for customers.
Create a cash or installment sales invoice.
Create returns invoice for products.
Create one or more items reservation invoice.
Add the discount percentage and offers available on the invoice.
Fikra accounting program that gives you complete management and speed in creating invoices.
Control and speed in creating invoices:
You can control all your accounts from anywhere through one main device to which all the sub devices are connected, and that device contains a password-protected link to access it. You can also control the powers of each employee within the company and give specific obligations.
It gives you speed in creating invoices, as you can create one or several invoices when adding a specific item or exposing the product’s barcode scanner, so the product is automatically added to the sales invoice and then the invoice is printed including the price and discount, if any.
Best accounting software for small business
Complete accounting software:
Fikra Accounting Program is an integrated program that enables you to do many things
Controlling inventory management within your company and making a continuous inventory of goods.
Control the addition of goods and products.
Control of sales, purchases, and returns.
Manage customer and supplier accounts, save their complete data and refer to it at any time.
Adding the company's logo or logo on all invoices.
Sales and purchases management, allowing you to save some time and speed in work.

Accounting software features:
Managing stores, adding items, and linking each item to its own store and the store where the sale will be made.
Managing internal and external movements of the stores.
Add the names of customers and suppliers to the program and save their data.
Add more than one store and product with ease.
Where you can add more than one store and link them to the main device and add the product with its information and the barcode assigned to it.
Add new prices for products.
You can add the new prices for each product individually or add the prices and apply them to all products at once.
Adding bank accounts and controlling existing checks, withdrawals and deposits.
Create daily, monthly and yearly detailed reports.
Reports are made on the percentage of sales, purchases, returns and inventory of stores, which allows the owner of the company to continuously follow the current operations within his company. You can also determine the percentage of profit and loss through accounts reports.
Controlling the price list, which ensures that you change the prices according to the distribution plan.
Determine the users and powers of each employee within the company.
Best accounting software for small business

It allows you to give each employee specific powers as he will not be able to view and control the rest of the operations that take place within the company.
Continuously developing the program to ensure its compatibility with advanced technology.
Quick creation and printing of invoices.
Making payment and receipt vouchers for clients.
Making a continuous inventory of stores and sending alerts when a product is out of stock.
No need for experience due to its ease of use in creating invoices.
Make a backup copy and keep it in the database for reference in the event of data loss.
The presence of technical support to serve you when you need it in the face of any problem.

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