What is the impact of the electronic document and document management system on the efficiency of your organization's work?

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As a result of not using a document management system and electronic documents within your organization, many negatives appear, so Doc Sweet will work to clarify these negatives for you:
* When you search for your paper files yourself, it takes a long time to access them, because the files that are saved by traditional methods without using a document management system and electronic documents and their preservation are exposed to incorrect methods of preservation, which makes the presence of an obstacle in the performance of more work.
* If you do not have a document management system and electronic documents, when a document is approved, that document enters into a series of long and stressful processes starting with reviewing the document by several employees and then obtaining approval at the end, when an employee is absent within the chain, it is disabled The document approval line will flow until that employee returns from his leave to work again.
* It takes more time when searching for a document or document, which may be in the trash, as it was mistakenly placed by one of the employees, which makes you create it again, so your organization needs a system to manage documents and electronic documents.
* When a problem occurs within your organization or important documents and documents are exposed to apparent loss, the solution then is to create those documents and documents again, which will expose you to wasting more time and effort, so it is good to use a system for managing documents and electronic documents.

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