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Do you own a shop or facility, and you need to organize work and organize accounts in it?! Have you ever searched for accurate accounting software that you can trust? Confused about choosing the appropriate program and determining the required criteria for the program that you may adopt in your facility?
What is the appropriate accounting program for your company, and what are the criteria to be considered before choosing the right accounting program for the facility or shop you own? Follow us in this article to know more about this.
Accounting software for shops and small establishments
When you manage a store or facility, there must be efforts dedicated to organizing and managing accounts in an accurate and easy way to deal with the preservation of the company’s assets and resources, and it is indisputable that the acquisition of the appropriate accounting program in your facility has become an urgent necessity, and one of the elements of successful organization in it, but it should be noted. The process of choosing the appropriate program is not a random process, it goes according to determinants that you have to study well and consider before choosing.
In this article, we review the most important determinants that control how to choose the program, and we provide you with a guide that facilitates this process.
A guide to choosing the right accounting program
The current market is full of many accounting programs, which differ from each other in how to manage and organize accounts, but what is not different is the set of determinants to be followed when choosing a program, which are: the quality of the program, which is determined by the nature of the facility’s work and the volume of business in it, training and technical support available after purchase The program, which ensures the level and efficiency of performance, and is a basic determinant within the determinants of selection, also the number of users accessing the server of the program constitutes an important determinant in the selection process, in addition to the databases that enhance the performance of the program, and perhaps linking branches may constitute an important determinant for shops and establishments that have more From a branch, this linkage has a role in raising work efficiency, speed of performance, quality assurance, and achieving effective monitoring.
Fikra System for Inventory Management and Point of Sale
Fikra Foundation experts have designed the inventory and point of sale management program, which is one of the most prominent accounting programs because it is an integrated accounting system that organizes and manages the accounting operations in stores and stores accurately and effectively. It is one of the most prominent programs in the accounting software market, and the most distinguished in the Arab world, because it provides Advantages and facilities for the establishments and stores that you own, making them at the forefront at all levels related to accounting systems.
Fikra program is the first cloud-based program that effectively manages your facility, from anywhere in the world at any time. The program's services include warehouse management, billing, sales and purchases in both forward and cash forms.
Why should you acquire the accounting program in your organization?
If your company is taking its first step in the path of upward growth in the market, and if you are seriously planning for real success in your field, then you should immediately consider the matter of acquiring an effective and accurate accounting program for the facility, that manages its accounts accurately and successfully, and that achieves the principles of accounting, including the principle of Accounting control, flexibility and compatibility.
The success of your organization in the market means that the tasks and pressures on it are clearly increasing, which immediately calls you to think about hiring specialists responsible for managing and auditing accounts.
Fikra group of programmers and designers save you a lot of trouble and effort and guarantee your facility to maintain its escalating growth, through a group of accounting systems and programs that organize and manage work according to precise mechanisms, and the following is a set of features that push you to acquire a Fikra program for inventory management and sales system:
Features of the Fekra Inventory Management and Sales System
● Integrated billing system
Fikra program for inventory management and points of sale provides an integrated sales and purchase invoices system, through which you can know the last five prices made to the customer without leaving the invoice. Through the program, you can specify working times for users, so they can enter the program only according to the specified official working hours, and you can also Knowing the quantities of specific items in any branch of your facility, with the possibility of extracting detailed reports to compare sales and purchase prices.
● Full control over prices
Through our program, the seller can fix the appropriate price centrally, and specify a certain discount rate for the seller, so that it is not exceeded, and is not less than the value of the cost, and this system enables the seller to sell at a price inclusive of tax automatically.
● Full control over sales and purchases
Our program is integrated and includes all the tasks of the cashier from printing the barcode to printing the sales receipt and payment vouchers, easy to use and does not require a complex amount of knowledge or training to use it. To include the terms of sale or any notes at the bottom of the invoice, and also provides the possibility to make the appropriate adjustments.
Our system also facilitates the process of communicating with your customers via SMS service, in addition to the ability to pay customers’ indebtedness bills in one go according to the seniority of the forward bill, with the ability to print an integrated report that includes sales and purchases.
● Promotional Offers System
Through our program, you can create discount cards that include special codes that are used at points of sale, in order to provide the possibility of using the available discount with the control not to use the discount again, and you can also use a promotional offer or discount on a product for a specific period, so that this discount is not used Outside of this period, also through the idea system, you can create a promotional offer with a specific duration, and with different modes.
● Full control of branches
The program provides the ability to move between branches for the user who has the authority by pressing a single button, with your permission

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