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The increasing size of the facility and the large number of employees and internal and external transactions and procedures, leads us to a huge amount of incoming and outgoing documents and records. Which should be archived for preservation and reference when necessary. On the other hand, it is necessary to know how to ensure that the important digital information collected in the old systems is still available through modern technologies, hardware and software. The most usual solution is to migrate the data so that the old data is exported from the first system, reformatted if necessary, and imported into the new platform. Although records can be managed on a smaller scale, the growing number of information systems and the amount of data make migration increasingly complex and costly. In the worst case, data migration can also result in the loss of parts or context of the data, seriously affecting service delivery for businesses, loss of accountability or incorrect decision making.
Although most companies strive to reduce the volume of paper documents in their day-to-day operations, often these documents cannot be completely avoided. Over time the volume of documents that need to be archived for commercial or legal reasons increases to the point where it is necessary to create an organized archive of paper documents and other materials.
We can help you establish effective control for managing documents and other archiving media and their long-term storage.
What are the most common challenges our clients face?
Not having (enough) space to keep documents.
Lack of qualified personnel to manage the archive.
Unorganized documents and insufficient records of documentary materials and storage periods.
Long and often unsuccessful searches for physical documents.
An archive can also be documents that are organized in such a way that they are archived securely while maintaining access to them until the retention deadline has passed. In the electronic archiving system from Fikra Foundation, which you call Dock Sweet, we can create an archive on your site, or you can choose to archive documents in one of our modern archiving centers. We guarantee high service quality and high levels of security in compliance with applicable laws and internationally recognized standards.
Create a storage unit on your site
An archive of documentary material should be arranged in a physical form in such a way as to ensure control over, transparency and accessibility of archived documents and the recording of documents issued from the archive. If you want to create an organized physical archive on your site but do not have qualified material management professionals, we can work as a material manager. We can also help with the systematic organization of the archive.
As part of creating or reorganizing a physical archive, we always:
Evaluate the current condition.
Create an efficient storage system.
Create an effective archive function.
Evaluate the current situation.
When reviewing archive spaces, we prepare an analysis of the suitability of potential investments to create an archive in accordance with the Minimum Standards for the Physical Security of Documentary Materials:
The materials should be kept in the workplace, equipment and appropriate climatic conditions.
The material must be protected from theft, fire, physical, biological, chemical damage and other harmful effects.
The materials should be available to authorized users for the duration of storage and should be protected from loss.
Safety of materials - their stability and rigor, and quality must be ensured.
Create a storage system
As for the documentary materials in the archives, they are physically organized and accurately recorded through this method:
We create an accurate inventory of materials and a comprehensive overview of the materials.
We classify materials and determine their storage period, while materials that have expired are excluded.
We check that your archiving policy and classification plan are up to date.
In accordance with the material inventory methodology, we prepare and/or update policies.
Ensure safety and compliance
Your documents, which are organized in different storage media (folders, boxes, pallets, microfilms or microfiches), are arranged and received for storage in modern archiving centers, where we ensure safe long-term centralized storage and management. This also includes inventorying materials, keeping documents in open collections, issuing materials on demand and destroying out-of-storage items.
List of documentary materials
When submitting documentary materials for storage, you will also provide records of submitted materials. These records should also include written instructions for storage periods for each type of documentary material. If you do not have such records at your disposal we will prepare a list of documentary materials ourselves. We will collect all information that may influence our decision about how to archive different types of documentary material in the future, including information about the types and quantities of material.
Save files in open groups
We also allow you to store materials in collections that are not yet complete. This will reduce the storage of large amounts of paper documents before completing work with the documents. And we save these documents in open groups after receipt.
By providing these materials to us for storage and management, you are increasing the efficiency of your business:
Increase the transparency of documentary materials and ensure their archiving in compliance with the law.
Provide users with controlled access to materials and tools when they are needed.
Save the space you used to store documentaries and stop worrying about the growing volume of documents.
Operational Risk Reduction - We ensure the physical security of materials in proper storage locations and conditions, and the risk of document loss due to natural disasters or other events is negligible.
Ensure that documentary materials that have expired are safely excluded and destroyed.
Why should you have DocSuite in your facility
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