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If you are looking for a program that meets your needs in the management of sales, purchases, inventory, points of sale, linking branches at the lowest prices, and always aware of your data via mobile and from anywhere in the world?
Idea software for inventory management and cloud POS
It is the first Arab cloud program to manage all the business of your company or store from anywhere in the world and at any time. Warehouse management, issuance of sales and purchase invoices, deferred and cash, the network, quotations for your customers, statements of accounts for customers and suppliers and their follow-up, follow-up of stores and product management (store, service, wholesale and sector complex and supports the validity date and serial number), movement of items and taking inventory operations quite easily, it contains POS point of sale and my points rewards system for customers and employees, all of this you can use anywhere you are and whenever you want via the Internet and by the appropriate means for tablets and desktop devices or through your mobile phone.
Leave your books and monitor your accounts wherever you are and whenever you want
Connecting branches at the lowest costs.
You can work on it from any device "computer - mobile - tablet - iPad".
Multiple languages ​​(English, Arabic, Turkish and French), currencies and powers.
Compatibility with all operating systems such as windows, IOS, Android and linux.
It works via a web browser and supports My SQL Server databases.
Your data is secure and encrypted “so that no one else can see it, and only you or whoever you give permission can deliver to it.”
Supports SMS text messages to send messages to customers, suppliers, and others to remind and welcome payments, invoices, and payments.
It contains the personal secretary "electronic archive, smart agenda, smart alerts system, SMS message system.
Characteristics of a cloud program for shops and small establishments
Complete control of prices
The possibility of fixing the selling price of the seller and not changing it through the powers of the employees.
The possibility of specifying a specific discount rate for the seller that he cannot exceed
The seller cannot create a discount that exceeds the cost price of the item causing losses.
The possibility of selling at a price inclusive of tax, and the system calculates the price before tax automatically.
The ability to know the previous sale price of a specific customer or the entire system through the invoice directly.
The possibility of classifying and dividing the prices of the items into groups and including each customer in the appropriate group.
The possibility of creating groups for customers, for which a discount rate is determined, which is applied to all customer invoices.
Complete control of sales and purchases
An integrated Arabic computer sales program for all cashier tasks, from printing barcodes to printing sales receipts and payment vouchers.
Easy to use, as our customers testify, the system does not require a great deal of knowledge and training to use it.
Monitor the balance of the customer through the sales invoice directly and the supplier through the purchase invoice.
Specify more than one payment method for one bill (cash - transfer - points - wallet - network)
Choose more than one template for sales invoices.
Adding the terms of sale or any other notes at the bottom of the invoice with the ability to modify them for each invoice.
Promotional system
The possibility of creating discount cards that contain codes to be used at points of sale from the seller to implement the discount available for each card, with the condition that it should not be used again.
The ability to create a separate promotional offer on an item to adjust its price.
The ability to create a specific promotional offer whose expiry date is for a category in several modes, for example:
When purchasing one or more items of x item, a % discount is given to the quantity of the item with control over whether or not to repeat the offer for the same invoice.
When purchasing one or more items of item x, y or more items of the same or another item are given free.
What sets us apart?
❏  Central Monitoring
The central monitoring screen provides complete reports and direct immediate movement of each small and large operation at the level of all branches, warehouses and users to know what is happening in your business, moment by moment, and contains tools for filtering data by branch and timing.
Sales analysis and comparison
The report provides an analytical presentation of the sales performance of one or several items for a specific customer or for all customers in the fiscal year and knowing the volume of sales of the business over time to know sales are increasing or decreasing, the best selling price has been made, and a detailed movement of the item. Sales managers can at any time analyze trends to determine strategies future course of action.
Analyze and compare purchases
It is the same performance as the previous report, but the opposite, where the report provides an analytical presentation of the purchasing performance of one or several items for a supplier or for all suppliers in the fiscal year, knowing the volume of purchases for a specific item, the best price purchased from a supplier and the item’s quantities from stagnation or sale, and a lot of information that benefits from Trend analysis to determine future strategies for the best course of action.
Sales Reports
The report provides full information on sales invoices, which enables you to know all the information during the financial period in full details and enables you to filter the search with ease.
Purchasing Reports
The report provides full information on purchase invoices, which enables you to know all the information during the financial period in full details and enables you to filter the search with ease.
Payments Reports
The report provides a list of all financial transactions paid at the level of sales invoices, purchases and expenses during the financial period in full details and enables you to filter the search with ease and ease.
Category movement
The report provides an overview of the item's movements and a list of all the operations and movements that took place on an item documented by the time, date and port of the movement during the financial period in full details and enables you to filter the search with ease.
Best selling and most stagnant items report
It enables you to know the most selling and stagnant items and from which you can take the appropriate action for the workflow.
tax report
From this report, you can find out the information that you will provide in the tax return to the Zakat and Income Authority.
c . report
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