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Have you experienced during your work loss of your transactions? Is your organization's productivity weak? Is your business running according to the standards of administrative efficiency? Can you know the tasks assigned to you correctly or follow up on the tasks assigned to your employees? Do you have difficulty searching for information when you need it?
Stemming from supporting the digital transformation processes in the Kingdom and achieving the objectives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision “Paperless Management”, Fikra Information Technology presents the best program in administrative communications “DocSweet”.
Doc Sweet Program
The Doc Suite program is considered one of the programs of the Fikra Company for Information Technology, and it is an integrated system for administrative communications, used to manage correspondence, transactions, documents and tasks, to organize the method of managing content and automating the various procedures and processes, both internal and external, and makes communication more streamlined.
Doc Suite Features:
Comprehensive all aspects of the administrative process.
The Docsuite system deals with all the axes of the administrative affairs process "external transactions, incoming, outgoing and confidential, internal transactions and requests in addition to correspondence to automate the work on those correspondence and transactions through four axes:
Archiving to preserve it from damage and loss.
Search and track for quick access to transaction statuses, recall old transactions, or recall old transactions and pay their entry.
Managing and assigning tasks to transactions for employees.
Notifications to remind users of assigned and referred transactions
Better control and management of operations through:
Archive and save transactions
Through the DocSuite system, the user saves the documents related to the transaction, which he can scan from the system or add from his device, all these attachments are saved in the form of historical records to track the date of adding each item and the user who made that addition, and he can add Office, PDF and other files and browse them directly through the system.
referral and tracking
After creating transactions, they can be referred internally from the system directly to users, and the system builds a complete historical record of all the events that took place on the transaction, in addition to recording the process of receiving referrals and notifying all concerned parties when there is a referral or update.
All this enables the user to access the transaction status and enhance the monitoring and follow-up process.
"continued" service
The Doc Suite system provides an integrated mechanism for managing and following up transactions and requests with accuracy, as the “Tab’il” service allows the user to continuously follow the progress of transactions or requests at all times by choosing the most appropriate method, either via “SMS or e-mail” to inform him of the latest updates And keep him informed of his important transactions.
Electronic letter templates
The system enables the user to easily and easily configure the letter forms and the fields they contain, as it allows him, for example: when choosing “leave request” to fill in some fields such as the number of days, type of leave, etc., in addition to saving the letter as a “PDF” file immediately after pressing the “Save” icon It is archived and stored in the system.
Electronic signature and description
This feature provides the ability to allocate a website for each user, through which he can sign, write notes, describe or comment on a specific event, so that the system will then immediately save the document as a "PDF" file and archive it.
Managing accreditation requests
The Doc Suite system provides this feature for managing administrative approvals and approvals from within the system to reduce dependence on the paper process and contribute to transforming the administrative system into an electronic system, where the system enables the user to use this feature by attaching files or transactions and then requesting approval or administrative approval The system then sends this transaction to the specialists, and they respond with approval or rejection.
Powers and administrative structure
This feature provides flexible and detailed management of user permissions and different levels of access to information. The system also clarifies the organization's administrative structure to build powers on it.
Barcode and Automatic numbering
The system supports "Automatic numbering" for transactions and contributes to the establishment of various numbering methods and linking them to the powers of users, in addition to its support for the "Barcode" feature to facilitate tracking later, whether by printing or automatic supply from within the system.
electronic gate
The Dock Suite system provides this feature by providing an integrated electronic portal for enterprises. This feature contains many features, including:
Transaction inquiry service and the ability to log in to the accounts that are allowed to do so.
The portal reviews requests and transactions and their itinerary.
View news and articles.
View dynamic control pages.
There is a "Call to Action" icon such as: Contact us.
Monitoring and reporting dashboard
Each user in the system has a follow-up panel through which he can know the latest transferred and received transactions. The system also allows him to view general statistics about the system based on his powers. In addition, inside the follow-up panel there is an internal e-mail box to receive messages from other users, and it also contains various reports. Such as: transaction and order reports, delivery statement, transaction flow and user activity reports.
Multilingual calendars
The system supports both Arabic and English languages ​​at the interface level in addition to the data entered. The system also helps the user to choose the appropriate calendar "My Gregorian or Umm Al-Qura".
Cyber ​​Security and Backups
Full activation of cybersecurity mechanisms and data backups no longer represent sufficient protection, as the dangers of sudden power outages, fires and disasters can eliminate the institution’s paper and electronic archives without a doubt.

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