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Easy, simple and reliable communication with customers
Software Idea Corporation is a cloud communications service provider that allows different companies and organizations to send large volume messages to huge numbers of customers in different parts in minutes. With a powerful and secure SMS platform, you'll instantly reach customers, verify user identities, and more.
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Bulk SMS platform you can rely on
The easiest way to talk and communicate

With personalized messages
Create custom and automated alerts and send them to different types of sectors.
With delivery reports
Track and make sure your messages are delivered, wherever buyers are.
with international coverage
Reach your customers and notify them of the latest promotions instantly.
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Business Communication Redesign
A unique set of services to send promotional and commercial SMS in the fastest time and least effort
Marketing messages
SMS Marketing

Gain more loyal fans and increase your sales revenue. Send promotional messages and seasonal discounts at any time of the year.
Identity Verification Messages
SMS Verification
Secure the identities of your contacts with two-factor authentication. One-time passwords are always the safest and most reliable verification tool.
Alerts and notifications
Alerts & Notifications
Design hassle-free automation of your business operations by quickly and easily sending scheduled updates and reminders to your customers, suppliers, and employees.
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Built for all institutions.
Designed for reliability.

Banking and Fintech
Send transaction alerts and payment confirmations to save your customers time and effort.
governmental organizations
Broadcast document processing updates and keep track of all traffic fines or urgent notifications.
medical services
Send doctor appointment confirmations or lab test notifications to improve your customers' experience.
Educational institutions
Confirm the status of student registration requests or notify them of new courses and important events.
Notify customers of the arrival of new products, liquidation sales, or promotional discounts.
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