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Fikra Hotel and furnished apartments - Part I - Explain the possibilities and features Works within Microsoft Windows environment, and can be used by more than one user at the same time. Available in Arabic, English and French and can be converted to any language desired by the user, making it flexible program in technical and technical aspects for the user. The program uses the MICROSOFT SQL SERVER database and is one of the most powerful global databases. It is distinguished by its strength in terms of safety and speed at work. The software runs on a LAN in a Workgroup, Domain, or extended WAN network via the Internet or other communication methods such as LEASED LINE or VPN. The program has the possibility of opening more than one company or institution and can be separated from each other in the budget, guests and the tree of accounts. The possibility of adding licenses (municipal, civil defense, etc.) and commercial records with their dates of issuance and end dates.
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سعر برنامج فول اوبشن ؟؟

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