Financial management, secretariats and missing persons

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Fikra Hotel & Furnished Apartments - Part 6 - Financial Management, Secretariats & Missing 8. Alerts and Reminders: Notice of checks due several days before their due date and identified by the user. Notice of leases that are close to a certain number of days from the expiry date. An alert for all apartments that have expired and have not been manually terminated (vacated) or refurbished. 9. Reporting and preparation: A complete report on all checks received, paid, collected, unpaid, repaid, and shown. Report on rental profits of apartments. Comprehensive report on rented or unplanned rented or rented apartments or rooms. Report on rental price changes for rooms or suites. Report on income earned for a certain period of leases. Report on all apartments near the completion of rent. Report on the apartments that have been closed and have not yet been vacated. Report on renovated rooms. Report on the condition of the apartment (busy, under maintenance, under cleaning). A building match in which the apartments of the hotel or the fully furnished apartments leased from them and non-leased with the names of tenants and automatically calculate the amounts owed to the investor and the termination of all contracts and the endorsement of checks (Tjirha) to the investor automatically.
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