Income tax on individuals

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Some States impose income tax on the income of individuals residing in the state, both may achieve this income from work or trade or otherwise.

Income tax on salaries and wages,
some states impose income tax on salaries of employees who work in the government and private companies, also called the tax gain tax work, the company will deduct the value of the income tax due from the employee's salary and delivery to the tax during a specific time period.

An example of the
back of the payroll of employees at the end of the month 2/2017 as follows:

In 05/03/2017 The company has supplied the income tax due on the staff to the tax.

Required :
registration under wages owed to the employees after the deductions
express limitation that secures the supply of the value of income tax on salaries and wages to the income tax
1 under prove due pay after deductions
debtor and creditor statement
13,600 from h/salaries
640 H/income tax due
500 H/health insurance paid in advance
1500 h/debtors (above)
10960 h/staff salaries payable
wages owed for the month of February
2 under prove the supply of income tax due to the tax during the benefit period the
debtor and the secured creditor statement
640 H/income tax due
640 to h/Fund
reimbursement of income tax due in cash

income tax on the profits of individual projects
if the individual had assigned to individual project achieve his income, when it considered the profits, dividends This project entered the owner of the project must be subject to taxation, if the individual was assigned to a partner in one of the companies, the value of the share of dividends are subject to income tax.

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