A strategic partnership between Al Hilal Saudi Club and “Software Idea” to support digital transformation

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His Excellency the CEO of Al-Hilal Saudi Club, Eng. Abdullah Al-Jarbou, announced joint cooperation between “Fikra Software” for Information Technology and Al-Hilal Saudi Club; To support the digital transformation of the club and apply the latest digital management methods in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.

The Saudi giant and Al Hilal Club relied on a “software idea” of information technology to implement the club’s management’s direction and strategy, which aspires to complete the digital transformation system, support the speed of completion, integrate electronic systems tracks, and employ modern technology and advanced software techniques in creating a smart management that can enhance the club’s successes on all levels.

Not only this, and the “software idea” with its latest technologies and software came to support the club’s future vision during the next five years, which was approved by the club’s board of directors headed by Fahd bin Nafel, which aims to be the best sports club in the Kingdom, the Middle East and the continent. Asia in cooperation with “Software Idea” and with technical support from it over the coming years.

"Software Idea" for Information Technology presented its latest technical programs to help Al Hilal Club achieve its vision, support the transition to a paperless administration, and provide more streamlined and faster administrative communications, through electronic archiving and administrative communications (incoming and outgoing) and DocSuite ECM content management.

Doc Suite ECM from "Software Idea" for Information Technology is a cloud-based system specifically designed to support digital transformation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and help achieve the Kingdom's vision 2030 in accessing paperless management in all government departments, institutions, private companies and sports clubs as well.

It is an integrated system for archiving and administrative communications that supports many smart software systems from the internal and external correspondence system (incoming and outgoing), electronic archiving system, task management system, management of board meetings, workflow engine for automated transactions, electronic procedures automation system, and written chat Among the employees internally, as well as the system of notifications and alerts, and many other systems that aim to organize the way to manage paper content and the procedures of various operations within the institutions and all interests and sports clubs and work to provide more intelligent and streamlined administrative communication processes.

For his part, Eng. Abdullah Al-Jarbou, CEO of Al Hilal Club, confirmed that the technical development process that took place in cooperation with a “software idea” for information technology comes as a continuation of activating the club’s strategy and developing and improving the business within it.

He stressed his great confidence in the ability and capabilities of a "software idea" to achieve the club's goals and serve its direction and strategy to the fullest in the coming days.

On the other hand, the Executive Director of Software Idea for Information Technology, Engineer Hamada Sami, expressed his happiness with this joint cooperation with one of the most prestigious clubs in the world, not only in Saudi Arabia and Asia - as he put it.

Eng. Turki Al-Harbi and Eng. Hamada Muhammad Sami said: “In Fikra, we always strive to provide the most powerful software based on the latest technological technologies in the world,” stressing: “We have gathered the most powerful experts and specialists in the field of software and information technology for one goal, which is to support digital transformation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.” Saudi Arabia according to Vision 2030 through a group of the strongest and best modern digital management systems in the Middle East.

And he added, "We always look for the best and constantly strive to develop our services and products to meet the needs of customers and the ever-changing market, with the aim of providing the best management experience with the least effort and lowest costs," stressing: "We still have a lot to do and we have many upcoming partnerships with a group of the strongest institutions and companies."
News source: The CEO launches a number of digital systems to complement the digital transformation system
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