Questions on funding operations

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1 What are the funding sources in the company?
Obtain funding, either from internal sources of the owners of the business, which is capital, or get it from external sources from others in the form of loans.
2 What is capital?
Is the amount obtained by the company from the owners of the company in the form of cash and in-kind resources and help them to begin the exercise of its activity and its objectives.
3 What is the loan?
Are the amounts received by the company from lending companies in order to cover the expenses or to expand its work.
4 What is the usefulness of the loan?
The value of the increase, which is borne by the BORROWER to the loan amount (riba), and this interest can be either fixed or decreasing rates rates on the amount of the loan or other
5 What is the expense of personal drawings? Why is opened?
The expense of personal drawings represents the drawings to the owner of the company or partners of cash or in kind during the financial period and is closed at the end of the current period in one of the accounts of the property rights as previously explained.

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