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title section [ ]
tests on the financial lists
title [ English ]
Tests on the financial lists
details [ ]
times new roman
1 What is the list prepared by the company to know the profit or loss of the achievements at the end of the financial period?
The list of income and

cash flow balance list
list of the financial center of the
list of the change in the property rights of the
2any of the following accounts do not appear in the list of the financial center?
The Fund
revenue due

capital expenses
none of the above

3If the capital account at the beginning of the period equal to 5000, capital account at the end of the period equal to $7,000, what is the net income?
Won 12,000$
won the 2000$
loss of 12,000$
loss 2000$
none of the above
4any of the following accounts is not closed at the end of the financial year?

Summary revenue income and

nothing personal drawings,
5One of the following items does not perceive items of income list of single-stage?
The cost of sales
income and
overall profit
nothing mentioned
6if i knew that the capital account is equal to 10000 and net profit equals 3000$ personal INGOTS and equal to $1,000, the net equal property rights?
none of the above
7If the balance on income account balance of $10,000, $7,000 expenses, when the balance of the income Summary:
owes $17,000$
Worth 3000$
creditor to creditor worth 17,000$
owes $3000
none of the above
8locks expenses as follows:
H/expenses to h/income
from h/expenses to h/summary income
from h/Summary of income and expenses
from the h/H/revenue to h/expenses,
none of the above
9standing accounts are?
Are the accounts that are closed
are the accounts that 4,470,943 equals 0
are the accounts that appear in the list of income
are the accounts that will appear in the next financial period
none of the above
10 to purchase fixed assets in cash will affect the following financial lists?
The income list and a list of the financial status of the
income list only the
financial center only
a list of cash flow only
none of the above

details [ English ]
times new roman

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