The commercial paper exercises

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The following stocks appeared in the books of hope 01/01/2016 as follows:

Arrested Under Collection $1,000
Checks under collection $500
arrested 5000 papers
and the following operations during the first quarter of the year 2016:

No. the process describe the process
#1 in 01/05 from the World Bank arrived in notice that the collection of ballots was arrested at a value of 600$ and deposited in the current account after deduction of the expenses of collecting the value of $10 from the current account.
#2 in 01/10, one of the debtors to pay the value of the exams properly owed, worth $1500.
#3 in 01/31, the company purchased goods under the bills been endorsement $500
#4 in the 20/20 concept, the Bank returns a check under collection worth $500 for the lack of balance of the debtor Wael.
#5 in 02/25, the company sent to the bank papers foe arrested 3000$.
#6 - Total Records 2 the bank deposit the net value of exams properly discount fee in the current account after that cut the expenses deduction equal to 150$
#7 in 03/01 the customer WAEL paying check discards in cash.
#8 in the B-84, the company purchased goods worth $900 was paid by check worth $300 and the rest بكمبيالة deserve in 05/01.
Previous operations in the daily Journal.
The Solution:
First: To express restrictions in the daily Journal: the

debtor and the secured creditor
of the securityof the statement number
590 H/World Bank #1
10 h/CP.
600 discount to h/papers was arrested under collection
collection of papers was arrested under collection after deduction of the expenses for the collection
of 1500 h/Fund #2
1500 to h/papers was arrested
payment owed
500 papers was arrested h/procurement or goods #3
500 To h/papers was arrested
buy goods under the ABNORMALITIES was an endorsement
of 500 H/WAEL #4
500 To h/Checks under collection
Returned Checks under collection from the customer WAEL
3000 h/arrested discount fee papers #5
3000 to h/papers
sent to the World Bank was arrested exams properly foe
of the Securityof
2850 h/World Bank #6
150 g/ml
3000 discount to h/arrested discount fee papers
exams properly discount the net addition in the current account of the
500 H/Fund #7
500 H/WAEL
payment Wael Value check discards
900 H/procurement #8
300 H/World Bank
600 H (papers charged
buy goods by check وكمبيالة

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