The corporate income tax

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The tax is one of the major revenue of the State, and help them to provide services to citizens and individuals residing in the state, the State receives this tax directly or indirectly in another way, the tax cannot be imposed on individuals and corporate profits are the direct taxes the tax imposed on sales of goods and services is one of the indirect taxes, in this lesson, lessons which will then explain the accounting treatment of the three types of taxes.

Express restrictions on income tax on corporate profits and
some states impose a tax on corporate profits and certain percentages may vary according to the type of company or type of activity which, as we have explained in previous lessons, the net income before tax be extracted after deduction of expenses for the current period from the revenues of the current period, and then prove the estimated income tax at the end of the current period according to the tax laws in force in the state, there are several ways to prove the limitations of income tax, and one way to express the following restrictions: the

debtor and the secured creditor statement
xxx from h/pocket money income income tax (summary)
xxx to h/income tax due (obligations)
to prove the value of the estimated income tax,
and then close the pocket money tax in the profit and loss account (income) Summary record the following entry:

debtor and creditor statement
Xxx from h/profits and losses (summary income)
xxx to h/pocket money
pocket money income tax Income tax closure
restrictions can be abbreviated evidence previous locks log under one of the only as follows: the

debtor and the secured creditor statement
xxx from h/profits and losses (summary income)
xxx to h/income tax due (obligations)
to prove the value of the estimated income tax
account shows the income tax due, competence in the list of the financial center under the commitments in circulation, and is one of the commitments of the incidence and ability of the value.

Note: The Tax treatment of لايعامل expense pocket money ولايبوب expenses within the expenses.
Tax accounting profit and profit
in the next financial year the company accountant or auditor to provide income revealed the previous financial period and the value of the estimated income tax Tax Service, Commissioner of the tax disclosure and auditing study and review the items of income and expenditure to ensure that it is acceptable to the tax until the tax profit, before we explain how to extract the taxable profit (tax profit) must be the ACCOUNTANT to know what is the difference between accounting profit and profit taxation:

Accounting profit
is the profit is determined based on the generally accepted accounting principles and assets which appears in the list of income after expenses from income, i.e. accounting profit is net income before tax.
Profit: tax
is the profit subject to taxation, which may differ from the value of the value of accounting profit due to amend items of income and expenses in the income list, consistent with THREW

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