Misconceptions about document management and documents.

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Recording all data: It is important to work to record and save the most important information, data and documents related to your work to avoid losses and to be constantly aware of everything that happens inside your company. On the contrary, there are data that are not important and are not supposed to be kept, such as personal contact data between employees, Planning something in between, or going abroad somewhere, all this is information there is no need to record and save.
Saving data to an unlimited extent: The organization does not have to save all important and non-important data and documents for life, but it must save only the necessary data and delete the rest of the unnecessary data.
Deleting data that is not being used at the present time: There is a wrong idea that the data that is not currently used should be erased.
In the end, your organization must keep pace with the new technology that is spreading in our time and use the document management system and electronic documents to develop the efficiency of your organization, after reviewing the systems that suit you and not hearing the words of others.

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