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What is the bill?
Is the editor of a written document containing an order issued by the creditor (the drawer) to the debtor (1.54) that payable to a third person (beneficiary) at a specific date, and may be the beneficiary is the same seller
what is a Promissory Note?
Is the editor of written pledges to the debtor to pay a certain amount to the creditor (beneficiary) on a specific date,
what are the checks?
The Check is a written instrument containing an order issued by the drawer (the owner of the bank account) addressed to the World Bank, to pay a sum of money to another person called the beneficiary
what is the difference between the checks issued deferred Checks under collection?
Checks issued Deferred: it checks issued by the committee established to others for their purchases or payment for self-employment and due to the exchange rate at a later date.
The Checks under collection: checks obtained by established from others in return for their sales or payment for the self-employed, and the RECEIVABLE at a later date.
What is the arrest papers and papers pay?
Commercial papers are used as a substitute for money between individuals, which comes in the form of bills or in the form of a promissory note, if the company sells the goods from which then called in the company's books, papers to arrest if the company purchases which then named payment papers.

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