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1imported plastic machine for manufacturing company hope the invoice value of 3000$, as well as paid the charges worth $300
$500 sales tax and installation expenses worth $200, what is the value of the machine to be recorded in the books?
nothing mentioned

2fixed assets are evaluated on the principle: the
market value of the
net market value of the
historic cost of the
fair value
Neokhorio mentioned

3which of the following statements are wrong with regard to Orlando's other major theme park resort of consumption?
·Produces the consumption of the distribution of the cost of the asset to the accounting periods recipient countries of origin
is pocket money the consumption of Capital expenditures
appear in the side of the debtor when registering
is pocket money consumption expenses taxpayers
none of the above

4selected consumption premium through the identification of the following factors except?
Determine the cost of the asset to the
estimated productive life of the asset
value of the original 57,678
determine the profits of selling originally
none of the above

5 01/07/2016 melhel والعنبتاوي company has purchased the production machine costs $20,000, the rate of annual consumption by 10%
, the company uses the fixed installment method in consumption, what is the pocket money of consumption in the first year?

none of the above

6If the Saudi Egyptian company for the sale of used furniture and have a value of $30,000, the cost of furniture as it is registered
in the Books worth $100,000, and the consumption is equal to $80,000, when, as a result of the sale process, equal:
70000$ won
$10,000 won
10,000$ loss
70000$ loss of
none of the above

7cooperation company has a car to transport staff costs 30000$ and estimated a lifespan of 200,000km distance,
scrap value b5000dollars, what is the share of consumption of the vehicle in the first year if you knew that the distance traveled during the first year
equal to 50,000 km?
none of the above

8in 01/01/2010 hope the purchase of $12,000 worth of production machine, and estimated the productive b 10years old, worth $57,678 2000,
at the beginning of the sixth year, the company decided to re-assess the productive age to 13 years instead of 10 years, if I knew that the company used the
fixed installment, what is the share of the new annual consumption?

none of the above

9any following statements are wrong with regard to consumption compound?
The complex of consumption is equal to the total shortfall of the asset
is the expense of the consumption of complex liabilities
recorded in the accounts of the creditor party when evidenced
usually appears in the assets side of the budget
does not Shi mentioned

10company decided hope replacing the furniture, which has a computer New $1500$, if I knew that the net book value of furniture worth 2000$, what is the result of the sale will be recorded in the books?
Won $500
$500 loss the
easiest and loss
not check as a result of the sale,
none of the above

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