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1 if the company to pay the telephone bill in cash, what are the documents to prove that this process?
The document was arrested from the company phone bill
of exchange of the company document, a document was arrested from the telecommunications company phone bill
a document under phone bill to
nothing mentioned

2The next step following the deportation of financial operation to the LEDGER:
analysis of the financial operations of the
preparation of financial reports and
registration in the daily Journal
of the Audited Balance
Neokhorio mentioned

3any of the following financial operations carried out by the company is the process of capitalism?
The Electricity Bill Payment in cash
income in cash
to buy a car to transport staff have
taken a loan from the World Bank,
none of the above

4any following statements is wrong in relation to the accounts of the Creditor nature?
The expense of expenses due to the nature of the accounts of the creditor and
the creditor balance in most cases
recorded in the debtor party when the shortfall
recorded in the creditor party when the increase
is something mentioned

5the following statements are true with regard to the calculation of accrued income?
Appears in the side of the creditor at the time of preparation of the audit
of the accounts of the balance of nature is the creditor
is one of the opponents
when proven accounts will increase the revenue account
none of the above

6 What is under a settlement which will be recorded if the expenses

for the current period and did not appear in the trial balance?
From H/H/expenses due to the expenses
of the h/H/expenses to the expenses due
from h/prepaid expenses to the expenses
of the h/H/expenses to h) prepaid expenses
none of the above

7 Which of the following statements are wrong with regard to the balance of review:
Has the balance of the audit of the accounts of all accounts
may discover errors which affect the balance and
be prepared immediately after the registration of financial operation
used to prepare the financial lists,
none of the above

8 Which of the following accounts is not of the nature of the accounts of the city?

The furniture bank
accrued income
none of the above

10 if the total of the amounts credited to the city equal to 5000,

total credits equal to 3000$, then equals:
a creditor $8000 $8000
$2000 debtor
owes 5000
none of the above

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