The funding operations exercises

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Exercise No. 1
this group of financial operations carried out by the hope when the company established in the year 2016:

No. the process describe the process
#1 in 2014-02-25 The company began its work with capital of $8000, deposited half of the World Bank and the other half in the fund established.
#2 in 08/14 the withdrawal by the owner of the goods worth $1,000 resident at cost.
#3 at 0930 hours, the World Bank agreed to give the company a loan of $5000, the deposit amount in the current account in the bank after deducting interest usury worth 600$
#4 in 1510 he joined a new partner to the company with capital of $6000$ feet half on the form of a variety of fixed assets and the rest in the form of merchandise.
#5 in 11/1 company paid $300 in cash from the loan amount owed.
#6 in 11/23 the company decided to reduce the capital of the company to the value of 2000$ drawdown from the fund company.
Previous operations in the daily Journal.
Filming of the capital account in 31/12/2016
First: To express restrictions in the daily Journal: the

debtor and the secured creditor the number
of named
4000 h/Fund #1
4000 h/World Bank
8000 to h/Capital
deposit of half of the capital in the Fund and the other half in the bank
1000 h/personal drawings #2
1000 to h/procurement or goods
personal drawings in the form of cost
of goods mentioned
4400 h/World Bank #3
600 H/Usurious Interests
5000 to h/loan
loan interest received after deduction of usury
of the Securityof
3000 h/Fixed Assets #4
3000 h/goods
6000 to h/Capital The
capital increase the admission of a new partner
300 H/loan #5
300 To h/fund
to pay part of the value of the loan RECEIVABLE
2000 h/capital #6
2000 to h/fund
capital reduction to withdraw 2000$ in cash
second: Filming of the capital account in 31/12/2016

capital account in 31/12/2016
, to
2000 to h/Fund 8000 ذكورين

رصيددائن ذكورين 6000 12000
14000 14000

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