The list of financial position (Balance Sheet)

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After the preparation of the trial balance transfer of assets, liabilities and net assets of property rights to the list of the financial center.

The list is a list of the financial center is prepared to reflect the financial position of the business at a certain date, where through this list to see what all owned by established assets and obligations (liabilities) at any given time, so that the assets in the accounts and special accounts, property rights and obligations on the other side, it must be the total of the two sides are equal, and the preparation of the list either in the form of account or in the form of a report.

The list of the financial center in the form of a report of the
total amount of the partial statement of

assets of
the Fund's assets xxx
xxx bank receivables
xxx papers was arrested merchandise Total Assets
fixed assets in the
territory of the
xxx xxx
xxx Cars Furniture total fixed assets
intangible assets
xxx famous
brand shop xxx
xxx Total Assets tangible
assets of other city-
expenses paid in advance xxx
xxx revenue due to
xxx total insurance recoveries of straddling the other city
xxx total assets,
property rights and obligations
short-term obligations
xxx conscience credits
xxx short-term loans
xxx papers total obligations to pay short-term and
long-term commitments
xxx total long-term loans long-term commitments to
other creditor balances
xxx expenses payable in advance income 1,303,328
Xxx total other credits the
property rights of the
xxx capital in 1/1
xxx profits
personal drawings or damage xxx
xxx total net ownership rights, property rights and obligations
of the financial center in the form of the calculation of
the amount of assets, property rights and obligations in the amount of
assets of
the Fund's short-term obligations xxx xxx
xxx xxx mg credits short-term bank loans and
receivables xxx xxx
xxx arrest papers papers pay xxx total short-term obligations
xxx merchandise long-term commitments total assets xxx long-term loans
fixed assets xxx
xxx total long-term commitments to the territory of the other creditor balances
xxx rental xxx
xxx xxx furniture expenses due 1,303,328
total revenues in advance xxx xxx total fixed assets other credits
intangible property rights
xxx Celebrity shop xxx capital in 1/1
brand xxx xxx
xxx Total Assets profits or damage concrete others xxx personal retirement
accounts of other city xxx
xxx net ownership rights the expenses paid in advance
xxx revenue due to
insurance recoveries xxx
xxx total assets
total assets and other city xxx xxx total obligations, property rights and the
elements of a list of items the financial center:
from the previous figure, the list find a list of the financial center, or what is known as the public budget include equal aspects, as well as audits of the assets side and the obligations and rights of property, the accounts of the accounting equation or what budget equation:

established resources and assets (assets) = The

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