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If you are looking for an App that responds your requirements in sales management, purchasing, stock, sale points, to connect branches together with the most reasonable prices and be always informed with your data via Mobile anywhere all over the world?

"Fekra App for Stock Management and Cloud Sale Points"

The first Arabic Cloud App for business management of your company or store anytime, anywhere around the world. Stock management, issue sales and purchasing invoices (Cash or credit), network, quotations for customers, account statement for customers, suppliers monitor the stock and products management (Stock, service, collective, whole and retail, support expiry date and serial number), product selling rate and conduct inventory easily, contains Point of Sale "POS", Reward Point System for customers and employees. You can use it online anywhere, anytime, by appropriate devices, Tablets, PC or via your mobile.

No more ledgers, Monitor your accounts anywhere anytime.

* Connect Branches with the most reasonable prices
* You can use it from any device "Computer - Mobile - Tablet – iPad"
* Multilingual (English, Arabic, Turkish, French), currencies and validities
* Compatibility with all operating systems like Linux, Android, IOS and Windows
* Works via web browser and supports databases" My SQL Server"
* Your data are secured and encoded "In order to be confidential, (only you and authorized person can access)"
* Supports SMS to correspond with customers, suppliers and others to welcome and remind them of invoices and payments
* Contains Personal Secretary "E-archive, Smart Agenda, Smart Alert System, SMS System"

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( 5 ) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

برنامج مميز

ابراهيم الزبيدي

( 5 ) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

برنامج أكثر من رائع صراحة أبداع ان شاء الله نكون احد عملاؤكم


اريد ان اعرف سعر البرنامج و كل تكلفته على 3 محﻻت و مخزن

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