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Fekra for archiving issued and incoming

A program to record all the letters and ordinary or confidential documents issued by the departments of the institution and to keep them and arrange them in a sophisticated manner
The Outbound and Outbound Program is an Arab program that is one of the most powerful administrative communication programs in the Arab world, enabling communication between employees of small and medium enterprises. The outgoing and incoming program can send alerts, reports to your organization's local network, print them or archive them in the database and can be numbered
The outgoing and incoming program contains many features including data backup and the possibility of returning it at any time
The program is divided into three parts: -
1 issued and listed
A program to record all the letters and documents of ordinary or confidential issued by the departments of the institution and brought to and saved and arranged in a sophisticated and you can from within the program to withdraw the attachments and papers of the transaction through the scanner or scanner and save within the program allows the program to extract all reports that meet the needs of the institution as the program is printing Barrakud For the transactions and also a barracud print entitled Entity
2- Electronic Archive
The program aims at preserving the data of the document of any kind (telegram, circulation, letter, treatment, clip, explanation, bill), whatever its importance (confidential - normal). The document can be saved and reviewed when searching for, printing or minimizing ...
3. Follow-up of incoming transactions
After saving the incoming transaction, the user can follow it to any department that went and what happened to it and its date of conversion in the sense that it opens a record of the transaction on everything that happens to it inside the organization and supports the work on the networks and supports the layers of users and their powers to see the topics of confidentiality or normal or view and view pictures of documents And annexes

* The program supports work on the database oracle + sqlServer.
* Possibility to work online.
* The possibility of selecting the method of storing documents within two types: - Storage of documents within the database itself. - Store documents within a separate folder.
* The creation of a tree special sections created to arrange documents.
* The possibility of using the scanner to: - Pull any document individually. - Support for multiple document draws. - Ability to save the extracted image independently pdf.tif ... .etc. - The possibility of adjusting the direction of the picture "rotation" to the right or left or heart 180 degrees.
* Possibility to add all data related to the document after adding it to the program. .
* The possibility of adding a payment document to any document already exists.
* Possibility to add attachments to any special document files so you can review and deal with attachments.
* Software support for any type of files: jpg, docx, pdf ... etc. .
* The possibility of converting the documents between the sections of the establishment. .
* Supporting the work of publications of the document after any amendment for follow-up and review.
* Add various relationships between documents in order to identify the different links between documents.
* Work and add alerts for any document to alert for any matter.
* Use the specific and unspecified search for tree folders of origin.
* - Support the possibility of creating a special bar code for any document based on its unique number.
* Export any document from the program with the possibility of exporting attachments to any external storage medium.
* Export any folder belonging to any section of all documents with the support of the possibility of exporting attachments or only the main documents to any external storage medium.
* The possibility of sending any document through e-mail.
* Support to move any document or folder anywhere within the tree admin.
* Support the process of interpersonal communication within the organization by working Chatting conversations with support for sending files or documents through the conversation.
* Send direct messages: - For all individuals in origin. - To collect members of a particular department or department. - For a sample person.
* Support sending e-mail to anyone through the screen sending independent emails.
* Support the use of SMS service to communicate between individuals internally and externally. .
* Ability to query and search for any document according to any standard data that was used in the entry.
* Ability to query and search for documents that have been transferred between departments.
* Query and search for documents received.
* Query about a document or a document.
* Query and search for various alerts made on different documents.
* Query and search for transactions exceeded the response limit.
* Query and search for transactions that have been deleted with the statement of the person who deleted them with the hourly statement and the date of deletion.
* Possibility to restore any documents that were previously deleted and determine where to restore them.
* The possibility of searching within the messages of conversations that were made between individuals.
* Ability to search within messages sent directly from the department to an individual or department.
* Support the subject of determining the powers among the individuals of origin, each according to its location.
* Possibility to query or track any movement carried out in the program with the statement of the owner of the movement and the time and date of movement and what was done with this movement for monitoring.
* The possibility of database backup with the possibility of recovering the rule.
* Support for scheduled backups "according to a specific date and specifying the period in days to make these copies."
* Using more than 16 detailed and graphical reports with the possibility of sending any of these reports via e-mail.
* Use direct support through the program.
* Ability to reset database.

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