Automation of automated processes

Fikra Software provides an automated process automation service that completes routine and large corporate tasks

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Automation of automated processes

Software Fikra provides an automated process automation service that completes routine and large corporate tasks, which contributes to reducing the time consumed in executing these tasks, reducing costs, and reducing error rates in organizations.


Advantages of automated process automation

Automation software service saves up to 80% of costs and 90% of the time taken to complete various tasks. This service can be used in several areas such as financial services, banking, and other tasks such as cash applications, creating invoices, preparing reports, and other various tasks.

العمل على أي نظام

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Work on any system

It is possible to start using automated process automation and implement its steps on any of the processes of your business tasks and functions easily even after starting with the guarantee that there are no errors as a result.


 إمكانية إجراء تعديلات

Possibility to make adjustments

The ability to manage through texts entered into it and simulate human action, and it is possible to make any modifications to the robots of this service to carry out various tasks in the appropriate way for your work.

تنفيذ العمليات الأساسية

Perform basic operations

Save time on basic operations like data collection and entry, billing, and file uploading, freeing employees up for more important tasks.


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More uses for automated process automation

You can apply the automated process automation software provided by “Software Idea” to many different areas and contribute to the implementation of its tasks.

مجال الصحة

health field

Several uses of automated process automation in the field of health in general:
Find and retrieve pre-recorded patient information.
Ensuring the validity of registration documents and various health records.
Executing and reviewing any procedures related to health institutions and processing requests management.

 مجال التمويل

field of finance

The field of finance has benefited from automation in many tasks:
Inventory management, reporting, and calculating price differences for existing goods.
Bank reconciliation and bookkeeping.
Executing and reviewing any procedures related to health institutions, monitoring the debtor and creditor lists, and making their own records.

 مؤسسات التصنيع

manufacturing establishments

Manufacturing is one of the areas that have benefited from automation in:
Create records of different manufacturing processes to understand every detail of the process.
Verifying the validity of the honest invoices and comparing them with the required purchase orders and then sending them to the concerned department for approval.
Registering and updating supplier data for easy access and use when needed.

 مجال الاتصالات


There have been several uses for automated process automation in the areas of communications:
Recording customer information correctly and in an organized manner to enable easy retrieval when needed at any time.
Generate performance reports and analysis of the tasks, functions, and operations of telecom companies.
Ensuring the validity of customer invoices and checking the required purchase orders until delivery.


Advantages of subscribing to automating processes via “Software Idea”

The "Software Fikra" platform provided this service to all companies wishing to subscribe and use it and developed it to suit each field and ensure getting the maximum benefit from this service at the corporate level.

  حل المشكلات المختلفة

Solve different problems

We first study and analyze the companies need to provide them with appropriate automation in proportion to their workload and problems, and then work to solve them and perform various tasks well and quickly.

   المساهمة في اتخاذ القرارات

Contribute to making decisions

We have built robots that can do the job of key personnel, increasing production by 15% compared to human production while helping to make the right decisions according to the reports it provides.

   توفير نهج كامل للأتمتة

Provide a complete approach to automation

Software Idea works to provide the appropriate approach for each field and company according to its specialization, nature of work, needs, and pain points to get the most out of the use of automated automation.


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