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Program of management of hotels and furnished apartments - basic data list 2 - Management of construction and branches: Flexibility in the introduction of the hotel or apartment furnished free and identical to the reality in terms of management and the number of floors, and the number of apartments on each floor and that through an explanatory window showing the construction in a realistic way. Define and manage an unlimited number of buildings and branches, and obtain reports for a specific building or branch for all buildings or branches. 3 - Management of rooms, apartments and suites: Record detailed information for each apartment such as area, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, balconies, water meter, electricity and telephone number, with the possibility of storing pictures and add the maximum and minimum rent for not exceeded by the receptionist. Connect more than one unit together until a larger unit is formed as a two-chamber link to form a suite and make a single lease. Coding the different seasons of the year and setting prices in advance for each season as well as the possibility of changing the rent rates of rooms automatically and take a report on price adjustments within a certain period. The possibility of determining the starting hours of the day and the end of the day as well as the hour at which the automatic calculation of rent is made. The status of the room and customer details are automatically added to the database in the hotel.
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