Custody Management with Stock

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Maintaining the assets of the company is one of the best investment instruments that preserves the capital values ​​of the assets of the company from fixed assets or dilated ... and even manage them in a manner that promotes accountability in general and asset tracking and life cycle in particular. Fakhra Asset Management Program is one of the first Arab programs in the field of Asset Management and the Covenant. In the first stage of the program, we took care of the accessibility of the program through different displays and without raising the investment cost in the infrastructure or technology of the institution or the company. ... as the system of the program of the idea of ​​warehouse management and the Covenant works as an application on the Internet browsers without installing any programs in advance on the computers or tablets Through the system you can monitor the life cycle of the asset since its purchase, depreciation or even exclusion, in addition to the calculation of depreciation annually or monthly depending on the nature of the asset including all administrative and financial treatments for the same asset. We have also provided the system with a variety of reports to help you reach the right decision and options to manage your assets professionally and conveniently.

Custody Management with Stock

1. Keep asset records at the level of the establishment, branch, user and origin 
2. To prepare the system in proportion to the nature of the assets of the establishment and the type of activity 
3. Trace assets through barcode using the phone application 4. To monitor the procedures or processes that are carried out on the original and their adoption and impact on the accounts or records. 
5. Easy to prepare inventories of the assets of the establishment according to the details of the levels of its organizational structure. 
6. Division of assets into major and sub-groups at multiple levels. 
7. Set the operating, maintenance and depreciation expenses of the private assets transferred between sites or employees

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