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Fikra Hotel & Furnished Apartments - Part 3 - Customer Management 4 - Management of contracts for rent: Accommodation on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis or as per the selection, with the automatic liquidation and closing of the contract, or transfer to receivables and receivables. The possibility of special contracts for groups with the possibility of special discount rates for those groups. The possibility of converting the housing from a daily system to a monthly system with a change in the price of the day as agreed with the client. The possibility of making a reservation for any room even if at that moment busy and show an alert to the condition of the room and a reminder that there is a reservation on behalf of the client and the date of booking. Regulate leases and include detailed information about the room or the lessor's wing and information about the guest / tenant and the length of the lease, with regular payments schedule or custom plan. The possibility of moving the guest from one room to another taking into account the difference in salary. The possibility of renewing the contract automatically and ending it manually. And the calculation of the amounts incurred in case of delayed evacuation of the room. Automatic generation of lease text based on pre-prepared templates. Payment methods in cash, late or through credit card (Visa - MasterCard - American Express etc ...) 5. Archiving of guest documents: Create complete customer information / tenant cards including name, nationality, special events record, date of birth, phone numbers, customer preferences and passport information. The program includes an integrated archiving system for guest documents that can be linked to a scanner to save documents electronically. Removed as needed.
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