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Unique and Innovative Data Science Solutions from "Software Idea"

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Data Science Services

Many companies are now turning to use different data science services because of their importance in solving many different problems and providing comprehensive solutions, so the “Software Idea” platform provides data science services in a way that serves all different fields, which contributes to saving the high costs for your company, by helping you in Building an artificial intelligence model based on data science, not only as a technical form, but in a scientific way that serves the different stages of work.


Unique and Innovative Data Science Solutions from "Software Idea"

"Software Idea" provides a comprehensive artificial intelligence model in terms of starting to collect all the necessary data and creating features that help solve various problems and how to deal with them, so that you no longer have to deal with the amount of this data and waste time analyzing it in the old ways. We are also working to provide all the tools for developing artificial intelligence to rely on them to work afterward in a strong and effective way.

						توفير الدعم الفني

Provide technical support

A program that helps you support the smart management of your business starting from planning, accounting, follow-up of the work cycle, procurement, staff, customers, project management, and points of sale by providing the best specialists in this field, and providing high training methods for building and deploying different types of machine learning algorithms, which include Caffe, TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch, and other algorithms


 حل المشاكل المختلفة

Solve various problems

The problems that companies may encounter are disrupting the workflow, it is important to analyze these problems to be able to deal with them and solve them and then reduce their occurrence again. This is what we provide to you through the data science services provided by the “Software Idea” platform.

						فهم احتياجات العميل

Understanding the customer's needs

Software Idea first identifies and understands the customer's needs and data resources, builds the right AI model for them, and then integrates different data science tools with your company's core applications to deliver agility.


Several areas can benefit from the services provided by data science

The "Software Idea" platform provides data science specialists to help companies deal with all the different data science procedures appropriate for your field, and also contribute to solving the problems they may face and how to make the right decisions.


أفضل طرق العلاج

The best treatment methods

By tracking deep learning algorithms (such as sequential neural networks) and analyzing results from biosensors and all kinds of medical devices, data science can determine the best treatment for your patients in the field of public health, which contributes to providing the most correct treatment.


 فهم عملائك

Understand your customers

Through machine learning algorithms, you can analyze your customer data, and their social data, to understand the behavior of customers in shopping and the changes that may occur to them, which contributes to the process of promoting the services or products that you provide well with what your target customers want.


المساهمة في مجال السياحة

Contributing to the field of tourism

By using data science and related software, you can analyze your customers' opinions of tourism companies to better understand their needs, and then build strategies that benefit companies in that field to provide the best customer service.


التنبؤ بالأرباح المستقبلية

Forecasting future earnings

Financial managers and analysts can use machine learning algorithms to predict profits. The algorithms analyze different financial transaction data to make accurate predictions about future sales and any risks your business may face.


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