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Software design and production

The Software Fikra platform provides many high-tech electronic programs that provide you with ease in doing all your different work related to many fields, and provides you with technical support to solve any problems you may encounter while using one of these programs to ensure that they are resolved quickly and easily.

برنامج إدارة العهد والأصول

Covenant and Asset Management Program

Keep track of all your company's asset data and operations and monitor the timing of employees from receipt to delivery

الأرشفة الإلكترونية الصادر والوارد

Incoming and outgoing electronic archiving

An integrated system for managing and archiving all documents and transactions electronically, managing paper content, and handling procedures with ease

المحاسبة والمبيعات POS

Accounting and Sales POS

A comprehensive program that takes care of everything related to the purchase and sales process in all its details and links all branches and stores of your company

برنامج ERP السحابي

Cloud ERP software

Helps you in all your daily transactions and follow up on all tasks from the first workflow, purchases, various reports and others

برنامج المراكز الطبية والعيادات


Medical Centers and Clinics Program

It allows you to record all patient data, manage doctors data, and everything related to medical facilities, administratively and financially

ابرنامج إدارة المطاعم والكافيهات

Restaurant and café management software

Through it, you can manage meals and orders, link stores and branches and manage them from one place

 برنامج مكاتب المحاماة والقضايا

Law Firms and Cases Program

Manage all the issues of your office or company and keep track of all their details from clients' data, session dates and agency documents

إدارة الفنادق والشقق المفروشة

Management of hotels and furnished apartments

It helps you to easily manage and track reservations and manage all tasks associated with hotels, furnished apartments and tourist facilities

إدارة الجيم والنوادي

Gym and club management

Through it, you can track workflow, financial reports, employee performance and subscriber data

برنامج إدارة الأوقاف

Awqaf management program

It provides you with the management of everything related to the management of endowments financially and administratively with electronic archiving support

  إدارة محتوى الشركات

Corporate Content Management

Reduce the cost of paper used to record all your business tasks and save time used in those operations

إدارة العقارات والأملاك

Real estate and property management

Manage all your real estate properties, collect rents, follow up on lease and ownership contracts, and your customers' data


A unique set of software services like no other!

The Software Fikra platform provides a number of high-tech electronic services that help companies develop and succeed based on modern technology and promote digital transformation in management and business follow-up.

تنفيذ المشاريع الحكومية

Implementation of government projects

Due to our extensive experience in implementing various commercial projects, we always strive to help government departments develop and achieve success through technology

تصميم تطبيقات الجوال

mobile app design

Based on the importance of mobile at the present time, we offer you the service of designing original mobile applications for your business or business to facilitate communication with customers

 تصميم المتاجر الإلكترونية

e-commerce store design

We help you create a professional online store to start your own project and sell your products online in an easy, fast and attractive way that suits the nature of your business and your customers

تصميم مواقع الشركات

Corporate website design

We help you digitally present your brand on the Internet by designing professional and secure websites that meet the needs and goals of your company.

خدمات علم البيانات

Data Science Services

We provide you with all the tools of modern artificial intelligence to take advantage of the big data within your organization and support decision-making in a correct, accurate and easy way

الاستضافة والخوادم

Hosting and Servers

We provide companies with different types of website hosting and servers as well to suit each field while providing technical support to solve any problems

 الرسائل النصية

Text messages

It is one of the modern marketing means to reach your customers easily, quickly, and securely by sending short text messages to customer groups

التسويق الإلكتروني


We help you reach your target customers and appear in search engines by using modern e-marketing tools

سايبر سيكيوريتي

Cyber Security

We help you provide protection and security for all your electronic applications and different operating systems from electronic attacks and protect your business data

أتمتة العمليات الألية

Automation of automated processes

Save 80% of your labor costs and 90% of the time it takes to complete financial and accounting operations and create your invoices

 خدمة البلوك تشين

Blockchain service

We help companies complete all the procedures related to the supply chains and finance between them in a short time and without wasting time or any additional cost

تطوير برامج المؤسسة

Enterprise software development

We help various institutions to develop their performance and continuously improve their services to keep pace with technological development and the ever-evolving needs of the market


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