Contract Management


Contract Management
Get an integrated system for managing subscription contracts and memberships within your gym, gym center, or health club by creating, recording, saving, documenting, and archiving in one place, with just one click.






Contract documentation and management
As soon as you register any new subscription or membership within your gym or gym center, it automatically creates a contract of contract between you and the subscriber according to his subscription package, documents it and saves it in the system.
You can also manage employee contracts within the facility and take all procedures regarding them electronically, whether creating, documenting, or even terminating the contract of any employee.
The system allows the customer or employee through his personal account on the system to accept or reject the terms of the contract, and in the case of approval, the contract is considered documented by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

 Ready contract templates

Fekra Gym contract management system provides ready-made contract templates for each separate subscription or service package offered by your health club, gym, or gym center that can be easily created and registered.
With the possibility of customizing, editing or amending contracts in accordance with your subscription packages and terms of service provided by your facility.

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Archive contracts
The Fekra Jim program provides you with a powerful and integrated electronic archiving system in order to record and archive all contracts of your facility, whether contracts for subscribers and members or employee contracts, as well as contracts for suppliers and others.
Contracts are saved and archived in the client’s file through a fully secured cloud storage space away from theft, damage or tampering.

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Privacy policy and guarantee the rights of both parties
The program guarantees you and your customers the full protection of the privacy policy and prohibits the exploitation of your business data or the data of subscribers and members by third parties or illegal disposal of information.
By registering and documenting contracts after their approval by both parties, the system guarantees you all your rights towards subscribers or members without any breach of the terms or conditions of the contract.