Order management and self-service

                                                           Order management and self-service

Order management system and self-service

An innovative set of solutions that create a smart work environment suitable for your employee needs, which doubles their efficiency and raises their loyalty rate to your company.

Services application

Fekra HR provides a mobile application for employees through which they can manage their files, sign in and out of the facility, follow up on changing work schedules, and view their payroll. In addition to submitting requests for various services, such as leave requests, advances, grants, and many more, with a single click on their mobile screen.

Ready models

Fekra HR software includes a wide range of ready-to-use data forms by human resources management and officials in the organization with the ability to modify and add to them easily to save time and complete requests quickly and professionally, such as the employment termination form, the contract form, the salary data certificate, the warnings form and other special forms with human resources.

Smart text editor

The program provides a smart and integrated text editor through which the Human Resources Department can build and design data forms and various business letters with the ability to customize data entry fields, such as the employee's name, registration number in the company's records, salary, and other fields. This is in addition to the ability to print and edit forms and letters.


The possibility of building and designing different forms of letters and giving different names to each letter according to its nature and message, saving it on the system and retrieving it at any time easily, with the ability to allocate data fields for each letter separately, such as the employee’s name, number, department affiliated with and other data fields. The letters are assigned to the employees internally through the system automatically to be filled out.