Management of cleaning and ironing centers (laundry)

                                            Management of cleaning and ironing centers (laundry)

Program for cleaning and ironing clothes centers (laundry)

Fekra program contains a user interface supported in the Arabic language that gives you ease in managing your laundry and ironing center, where you can create a file for each customer that includes permissions To facilitate work on them and follow them up until they are completed, send automated messages with delivery times to customers and payment data, as well as to send any marketing messages or discounts to introduce customers to them, manage workers in the place to know the level of workflow, record and manage all financial transactions without complication, issue all Reports to see the progress of work and find out the financial details of the center.

Manage customer deliveries systemically and efficiently
Create a file for each client that contains his data and work permissions from Cleaning or Ironing. Set a date for each work permit to be delivered and send it automatically by e-mail or SMS messages to inform the client of those dates and the rest of the payments. Attach any financial documents such as electronic invoices to each client in his file. Using that data to provide post-delivery service to see how satisfied your customers are with the level of work to ensure their loyalty, and to send messages about discounts and marketing offers to be aware of.
No to complex financial management

The Fikra program is designed to provide smooth management of all financial transactions. With simple steps, you will be able to record daily expenses and revenues, record sales and follow them up. On a daily basis, issuing electronic invoices including taxes and any discounts and sending them by e-mail to customers or by short messages (SMS), in addition to issuing various financial reports to follow up on financial performance and know the net profit for different periods of time, and track the center’s balances in real time through an electronically generated accounting guide
Assign and continue workflows at any time
To know the progress of work easily and at any time, you can add members of the work team in the program and assign their tasks according to experience, the ability to specify an employee for each customer The need for this is to organize the work more efficiently. Start tracking these tasks in real time to see all transactions and procedures that take place and to identify any deficiencies in performance, in addition to issuing reports to evaluate the performance of each employee at the end of each specified period of time.

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Manage and track warehouse movement efficiently
No more interruption of work due to the sudden termination of your work tools. Through the applications of the idea inventory management program, you will be able to create automatic alerts when any of the work tools are about to run out, to quickly create purchase orders for them, by recording suppliers’ data with files for easy communication with them, in addition to tracking Inventory movement at any time by easily recording exchange and addition data, issuing various reports and facilitating inventory operations in the store.

An integrated professional management system with applications

Thanks to the automated and integrated applications, you will enjoy successful financial management, you can track all daily entries of expenses, revenues and payments at any time, review the updates of different accounts and balances for Through an organized account guide that is created based on your financial inputs, in addition to issuing various financial reports and reports related to the performance of the final account for each specific period of time.

Support Technical

We provide our customers with free technical support by phone or email messages throughout the day in order to provide an answer and response Quick for any inquiries related to the program and solve any problem for our customers.

Security and data integrity

It is protected and encrypted with the latest systems using SSL256 bit technology, with specifying access and creating backup copies of all data.


compatible With any corporate system

Through the program's user interface, you can use the useful tools for your organization's work system, and take advantage of ready-made designs and modify them in accordance with With your work, such as designs for automated letters, invoices, etc.


Ease Usage

The program has an interface that is easy to use the first time, with its various tools that suit all businesses to provide the best ways to Management at any time, from anywhere and on any device.

No More wasted time and effort

The program provides professional tools through which you can follow all the different workflow tasks with minimal time and effort, This is done through the user interface.

Rotate Your business from anywhere

Through the cloud system of the Fekra program, you will be able to use the program at any time, from anywhere, and from any device, by In order to follow up the business and issue the necessary reports or invoices, with the ability to work through the desktop application in the event of an internet outage.


Update League

Fekra program is updated periodically and for free, in order to provide the update of the tools used and to create any modern tools to provide The latest electronic management stream for your organization.


Lower in cost

The Fekra program is available at a reasonable price for all business owners, with its tools and applications without the need to pay any other expenses. Only through a monthly subscription suitable for everyone.

Managing financial transactions without the need for account experience
The user interface of Fikra program has been designed in an easy-to-use way to manage and track all financial transactions, even in the absence of much experience in operations Various accounting tools, along with a number of advanced tools for experts in the accounting field to perform their work more efficiently.