Salaries and allowances management

                                            Salaries and allowances management

A powerful and integrated payroll manager that covers all your financial operations

Say goodbye to the traditional and manual methods of financial and accounting management and start with a smart, integrated, and fully automated financial management and payroll system without any problems or errors.

 wances management system to cover the needs of various financial and accounting companies.

All the features that cover your needs in one system
A flexible and customizable salary and allo
Salary transfer
Send employee salaries and all financial dues quickly, easily and securely from your place with just one click.
bank files
Support the possibility of exporting bank files and wages protection file in various formats you prefer only in one step from any smart device
Integration with accounting software
Fekra HR software integrates seamlessly with all accounting systems to easily share and synchronize facility data between different cloud programs.
overtime account
Accurately record employees' overtime hours and let the software calculate and add them to employees' salaries automatically without any errors or manual intervention.
Customize working days
Dedicate the method of calculating the official working days within your company, whether adopting the actual days according to each month, or considering the months of the year as 30 days, and so on.
Synchronize working hours
The program calculates and records employee working hours and applies deductions for lateness or absence as well as additional salaries automatically with the ability to review, approve or cancel them easily.
Social Security
Register your company's new employees' participation in the social insurance system quickly and easily through the Fekra HR program, with the possibility of calculating the social insurance facility's entitlements through the system.
Discounts, bonuses and extra
Calculating discounts, bonuses, and overtime and including them in employees' salaries automatically without the need for any manual intervention at all.
Allowance management
The program supports the possibility of creating different types of allowances with the possibility of allocating them according to the internal regulations of your company and choosing the method of calculating allowances of different types.
Compliant with Saudi labor laws
Fekra Hr software is designed to be fully compatible with Saudi labor laws, responsible authorities and related applications to facilitate human resource management in organizations operating in the Kingdom.

Locally compatible

The capabilities and solutions of the Fekra HR program are fully compatible with the Saudi labor laws and regulations and local government agencies as well, in addition to the possibility of linking with the applications and programs of the relevant agencies easily.

Social Security

The program complies with the regulations and laws of the General Authority for Social Insurance in the Kingdom and is responsible for automatically calculating and deducting insurance percentages from employee salaries without any manual intervention thanks to synchronization with the payroll management system.


End of service benefits

Fekra HR program automatically calculates end of service benefits for each employee on the system and all related dues according to local labor regulations.

Wage Protection Files

The ability to export and upload wage protection files in different formats and in the format that is fully compatible with your company's bank to manage and manage employee salaries without the need for any manual data entry.