Management Tools

Membership and subscription management tools

Membership and subscription management tools

A package of tools helps you organize membership statements, subscriptions and exercise schedules, follow the customer's journey through detailed reports, and receive your payments smoothly and safely.

The most powerful management tools for gym lounges and health clubs to enhance control and control and facilitate work.

Scheduling and managing membership and subscriptions

Organize exercise schedules, training classes, and manage subscriptions and membership easily and tightly.

strict schedule

Your gymnasiums or club must set a clear and rigorous schedule on the dates of training sessions and bookings by members and who registered with this or that coach. All these are important for the professionalism of your business are helped by the GEM software tools.

Accurate monitoring panel

Our software provides you with a powerful and easy-to-use dashboard and data that supports all languages in order to facilitate monitoring of your business and seamless access to the first workflow and review subscription statements, customer bookings, members and various training class schedules to provide you with an accurate and comprehensive view of everything within your lounge.


Multi-device access

Cloud software allows you easy and fast access from any device whether via mobile, laptop or even tablets to manage your business and take action anytime and from anywhere easily.


Smooth flow and global processing of payments

Receive your payments from anywhere around the world with a multi-currency system that offers your customers many different payment methods from managing payments from within the platform easily.

Monitor trainers' performance

Monitoring the performance of trainers is one of the most important and dangerous tasks of managing your gym or health club. Through the trainer reports provided by our program you can see every small and large of their own, who is booked frequently and who is not booked in order to support your vision and make informed actions or decisions about them.

Assess the performance of your training classes

The success of your services depends heavily on their accurate assessment and customer satisfaction. So leave nothing to chance and value the performance of your classes and training quotas accurately and transparently to identify which ones lead best, best-selling classes, etc. Get the most accurate details and data about the performance of your classes and have the right insight into them through our detailed reporting system.


Managing and monitoring transactions

Go to professional management of all your transactions away from unregulated and chaotic disclosures through a powerful, user-friendly dashboard and easily see any information about any transaction within a certain period of time.