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Explanation of the addition of users and the powers of the program Fikra hotels and furnished apartments The most powerful hotel and resort management program serves the reception office for hotel apartments, hotels, real estate, chalets and tourist resorts (administrative, organizational, financial) "Hotel and Resort Management Program" Fikra Hotel Reservation is a program designed to manage and operate hotels, hotel apartments, furnished apartments and tourist resorts. It is fully managed by all departments, management, reception, reservation management, hospitality and leasing services and safes, printing invoices and receipts, connecting with the Shamoos system and many possibilities. * Contains more than one way to calculate the time of guest entry and exit time * Ability to control the text and design of the contract of the guest and bonds of arrest and exchange with ease and ease * Possibility to set up group bookings for tourism, Hajj and Umrah companies to book a group of guests for a group of housing units with one registration record * Detailed reports (daily income - vacant and occupied apartments status and maintenance - exchange and arrest bonds - customer reports - black list - financial account balances reports - financial inventory - occupancy ratio - sales report during the period) * Serves the reception office for hotel apartments, hotels, real estate, chalets and tourist resorts administrative, organizational, financial * Enter all expenses on the units and extract a report * Hotel marketing system (the program notifies you of a room with the same specifications of the pre-order of the customer who did not find your request) * The program will notify the guest by SMS when entering the hotel and upon exit * Works on the computer and has no connection to the Internet and the safety of more and keep the confidentiality of information from damage and no need for intermittent Internet problems * Add services, restaurant, coffee, laundries to the booking register ... etc * Obtaining a daily statistical report to the owner of the hotel via SMS * System supports Hijri calendar and Gregorian calendar " * Service connection with the Shamoos security system * Supports daily and monthly rental * Compatibility with all operating systems Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 * An infinite number of users of the system for you and your employees with defining the powers of each employee * Your data is secure and encrypted "as what is shown by others, and can not reach them only you or give him permission"
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