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The efficiency of the human element and the success of the enterprises are two sides of a single coin. By achieving the optimal administrative performance of the human element within the institution and the company, it enables the company to control performance and achieve strategic objectives. A human resources management system is an integrated and integrated system for managing the most important resources of the establishment, which is the human element. The system works to cover the needs of large sectors of companies and institutions, which helps to manage the people working within the institution in a comprehensive and detailed view .. We have considered that the system is your administrative arm to manage your investment partner starting from the data and through the work and procedures and the end With a sophisticated system of detailed and comprehensive reports on the employees of the institution, it collects, arranges and saves information on human resources management in a manner that can be presented, followed and managed with high professionalism.

Fekra Human Resource Management & Payroll

Fikra HR & Payroll System covers the needs of a wide range of companies and institutions.
The Fikra HR & Payroll System consists of the following subsystems:
Personnel Management System
The Personnel Affairs System is designed to cover the employee's detailed data and allows easy data entry in such a way that the system is effective in the shortest possible time. Employee data includes personal and family data, functional data and other set of data. The system also includes the administrative structure of the institution, the job titles, and the job description Attendance and departure system
Fikra Human Resource Management and Payroll software can integrate with all the attendance and departure devices that support database handling. The system deals with attendance and departure data smoothly and smartly. The system issues a set of alerts about irregularities committed by the employees to be handled by the employee in accordance with the company's rules and regulations.
Rosary management system
Is one of the most important systems in the (Fikra program for human resources management and salaries), which provides a creative and unique solution to any form of roses. You can imagine any shape or model of roses whether hourly, day, or week, and you will be amazed at how Fikra HRM can handle it with ease and flexibility. Vacation and Vacation Management System (Fikra HR & Payroll Program) You can set holiday policy and monitor it according to the company's regulations or in accordance with the Labor Law. You can also adjust the holidays and adjust balances
Payroll Management System
(Fikra HRM & Payroll) provides a creative solution to payroll management, a solution that completely eliminates the use of Excel and similar in payroll management and accounting. A solution that enables you to write mathematical and logical equations to perform all complex transactions in benefit accounts and deductions such as tax bracket formulas, commission tranches and more. All through three interfaces only use. The interface defines all the items that affect the salary directly or indirectly. The interface is defined by all activities performed by employees and affects the salary by increasing or deducting the interface between the items and the other items and activities with the items through equations similar to exactly what they do in the Excel program (Fikra HRM and Payroll) also allows you to calculate payroll during any time period as you can handle payroll errors if any

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