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Hosting and Servers

Companies are currently interested in creating their own websites, regardless of the product or service they provide, because of its importance, as everyone now uses the Internet for everything, whether to buy a product, subscribe to a service, or learn about everything new, whether It was at the local or global level, so taking care of creating a website for you is one of the most important steps for the success and development of your company.


Huge range of hosting and server options

Before you start creating your website and uploading all your company data on it, you must learn about all types of hosts and servers for different sites to choose the right one for your business. We at the "Software Idea" platform provide you with different options of hosting types and help you choose the right one for you.

الاستضافة السحابية

Cloud Based Web Hosting

Cloud-Based Web Hosting

This type is characterized by containing a large number of computers, so it can withstand the pressure of shared sites.

 الاستضافة المشتركة

Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

This type is used more with small sites that do not have a large number of visitors, and its cost is low.

الاستضافة القابلة لإعادة البيع

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting

This type provides a number of tools that give you the eligibility to rent out your space to any other person or company.

الاستضافة المملوكة

Co-Location Web Hosting

Co-Location Web Hosting

It gives you the right to temporary ownership, i.e. renting a complete place that contains everything you need from cooling devices, internet, electric power, and others

 الخادم المخصص

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

This server allows you to subscribe to your own computer with all the resources you need when you have a large visitor base on your website. It also gives you the possibility to appoint a person to manage all the technical work of the site.

الخادم الافتراضي الخاص

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server

This server is characterized by containing the main computer that contains its own resources and from it another group of servers, each with its own resources. So it is not affected by pressure sites on it.


سجل معنا الآن

How do you determine the appropriate type of hosting for your site?

At "Software Idea", we help you identify and choose the best and most suitable type of hosting for your business. There are many elements that you should know about all the above-mentioned types of hosting that also depends on providing the best service for your site, in order to choose the most suitable for you. There are basic criteria that will help you effectively.

الدعم الفني

Technical support

Availability of direct and effective methods of communication with technical support to solve any problems that may encounter the work of your site

استعادة الاشتراك

Restore subscription

The possibility of recovering the value of the subscription in the event that the service is not suitable for your business needs

 مدة الاشتراك

Subscription period

Depending on your goals at work, you must decide how long you want to participate in

 سعر الاشتراك

Subscription price

You must first define your budget to choose the type that matches it

 النسخ الاحتياطي


It is a feature that is provided to you to ensure that there is another copy of your site, whether manual or automated, to ensure that your data is not lost

 لوحة التحكم سهلة

Easy control panel

Availability of an easy-to-use and up-to-date control panel in order to easily control your site, the most famous of which is the C Panel

   توافر جميع الخدمات

Availability of all services

Ensure that you include all the tools required to ensure the success of your website, as well as the latest versions of popular programming languages

  الدومين المجاني

free domain

The possibility of providing a free domain for your site on the Internet, and whether it allows hosting more than one domain


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