Improving business efficiency and modernizing basic work systems

The strongest and best enterprise software development services

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Improving business efficiency and modernizing basic work systems

From time to time, companies need to update their legacy business platforms and shift towards smarter and more innovative enterprise software to facilitate business performance and improve efficiency by relying on modern technology and advanced technical software. This is what Software Idea helps you with building and customizing business software and applications such as cloud ERP, POS, ECM, CMMS, CRM, and other systems.


The strongest and best enterprise software development services

We offer innovative technological solutions to all challenges that hinder the progress of your business or its performance to the fullest by developing and building a unique set of advanced enterprise applications and programs that help simplify operations, increase control and monitoring of work, automate procedures and facilitate the performance of various tasks within the organization with the speed and efficiency required.

 نظام تخطيط موارد المؤسسات


ERP System

A program that helps you support the smart management of your business, starting from planning, accounting, follow-up of the work cycle, procurement, staff, customers, project management, points of sale, risk management, compliance with electronic invoice support, access to financial and accounting reports, and complete and detailed performance reports.

  برنامج المحاسبة والمبيعات POS

POS Accounting and Sales Software

A program that gives you complete control over accounts, sales, customer relations, linking branches and stores from one place, the ability to manage and customize quotes, manage users, access rights, personnel affairs, salaries and commissions, manage operating orders and deliveries with support for electronic invoicing.

 الأرشفة الإلكترونية وإدارة اتصالات الصادر والوارد

Electronic archiving and management of incoming and outgoing communications

An intelligent system that provides you with paperless management and more streamlined and efficient administrative communications to support the digital transformation of your company in accordance with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 and provide you with a set of unique features such as a workflow engine, electronic archiving of documents, task management, automation of procedures, and a system of notifications and alerts.


 برنامج إدارة العهد والأصول الثابتة

Covenant and Fixed Asset Management Program

A smart software system that helps you save your company's assets in one place, view all its data and details from the date of purchase to depreciation and track the status of the covenants and their progress from receipt to delivery with the ability to issue complete reports on the status of all covenants and assets.

   نظام إدارة محتوى الشركات ECM

ECM Corporate Content Management System

The main supporter of developing enterprise programs and transforming them from a repository of papers, documents, and pens to smart digital workplaces that invest in time, costs, and effort to improve performance, raise work efficiency, and replace old traditional systems with technological systems such as digital warehouses, process automation, and digitally manage tasks and records.

  نظام إدارة بلاغات الصيانة الإلكتروني CMMS

CMMS Electronic Maintenance Report Management System

Fikra has developed the most powerful program for managing maintenance reports digitally in the Middle East to help you receive, manage and follow up all maintenance reports within your organization and all its related branches through innovative software systems such as the notification flow engine, the notification reception system, electronic archiving and the quality evaluation engine.


برنامج إدارة الأوقاف

Awqaf management program

A program that provides the best cloud management for all endowments that meet the definition of the authority in Saudi Arabia, accurately and easily, from the first management of beneficiary accounts and endowment pens, control of deductions rates, financial accounting for yields and endowment banks, and management of endowment requests with support for electronic archiving and customer management.

    إدارة علاقات العملاء


CRM. Customer Relationship Management

We help you improve the management of sales and related processes within your company from marketing, customer service, and communication with administrative processes, enable sales representatives to track and manage deals accurately and effectively and obtain actionable insights through the customer data analysis feature provided by the CRM software.


إدارة سلسلة الامدادات


SCM Supply Chain Management

An intelligent system that provides logistics service providers and distributors with effective control and control over every link in the supply chain, from the first warehouse and warehouse capabilities, supplier performance, and even complex distribution networks to competition, supporting efficiency and transparency drive and moving towards expansion in modern markets.


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