Integrated Management System for Law Firms and Consultancy

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Create a file for each client of the law firm and consultancy to follow up on all his cases
With the technological development, the presence of a program for the management of consulting offices and the legal profession has become an important matter for organizing your cases and your clients’ files and ending the suffering of manual search for the client’s file and the loss or destruction of an important file. And all the consultations with ease, with the purpose of keeping all of this in a smart system that works to archive your clients’ files in an organized manner and facilitates access to it at any time and anywhere
Create a record for each client and keep track of the consulting history and issues related to it
A complete record of each client with information about him, the history of legal advice and his cases. Add notes to each client and attach files with these notes. Setting dates for interviews and cases, appointing lawyers for each client, and following up their performance with clients in their cases or consulting them.
Follow up the performance of lawyers in the office and know their performance and the extent of their dealings with clients in an orderly manner with full powers for each lawyer or employee you have according to the role assigned to him
Add your employees to the program from lawyers and consultants to help you manage your clients and give different powers according to their role in the office and monitor their performance at work. Assign clients to specific lawyers and give them the authority to add notes and follow up on clients while easily monitoring every process your employees make with clients.
Manage your office accounts smartly
Now, through the consulting management program, you can create invoices for your clients and follow up and monitor the expenses of the office completely by knowing the expenses and petty cash, and then you can know your net profit smoothly with the push of a button only
Easily track your cases and session dates
* Create a file for each case and follow up on all sessions and their related matters.
Determining the case fees and all related expenses in detail.
* Classify issues smoothly
A complete accounting system for you
* Follow your expenses and income on a daily basis and know all the expenses that are made inside or outside your office.
* Issue your invoices in your name and the name of your office.
* A complete accounting system for office management, including all departments
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