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Fikra Hotel and Furnished Apartments - Part 4 - Management of rooms and suites units 6. Accounting: Issuing and printing banknotes, bank deposits and printing. The program contains a bill of lading to sign and enter the tenant's fingerprint when not paying all that is due upon liquidation of the contract. The possibility of adding any service to the customer's account in cash or on the account (restaurant, laundry, etc ...). Connecting all apartments and rooms with cost centers to know profits and losses for each apartment. Generate accounting entries automatically for all financial transactions and migrate them to accounts. Comprehensive accounting reports or by a specific branch (ledger, balance sheet, profit and loss, budget). Comparison of expenditure with income. And know the profits and losses of apartments or rented rooms. Dealing with several currencies and adding an unlimited number of currencies and used in the rent of apartments. There is an option under System Settings to install a specific date to ensure that the data is not modified or deleted. 7. The Covenant and its Follow-up: Defined types of covenant can be defined (cash and in kind). Link each custody to a specific employee. Preparing reports on the Covenant, its location and date of maturity.
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