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Military Affairs Program

It serves all military bodies such as police, traffic, army and others. This program is considered one of the most important programs for all military bodies. Its mission is to establish an integrated information center for the data and documents of individuals to organize, arrange and catalog individuals' data, documents and everything related to their military lives. Reports also.

* The first and unique program to manage the affairs of individuals and officers of military bodies such as the army, the National Guard, the Royal Guard, the border, security, police, traffic and every military establishment.
* The possibility of working a record of all statements of officers / individuals of data and documents and the Covenant and leave and absence and delay and medals and medals and administrative and medical and disciplinary report and courses and the tasks assigned to it and many and some report required.
* Possibility to add and control the report headers with ease
* Ability to save and archive documents within the rule or in a separate folder.
* Ability to extract reports worthy of promotions by grade and date
* The possibility of extracting reports entitled to subsistence or not for the unemployed and individuals.
* Possibility to deal with all the data needed by military personnel.
* The possibility of using internal mail to communicate between individuals and departments
* The possibility of using the conversation between employees through FekraCHAT technology.
* Ability to send SMS to communicate with individuals.
* Ability to search and query advanced and the possibility of creating different queries.
* Contains a rich collection of reports and a report archive of individuals' data - confidential.
* The existence of a body to record the daily observations and report the data of the officers and public personnel.
* Possibility of extracting statistics of different ranks also the possibility of exporting any information from individuals - to the Word file.
* Ability to copy and paste directly from the data of individuals also the possibility of adding documents through the scanner and high accuracy and control.
* Possibility to calculate age, periods of retirement, promotions, etc.
* The possibility of using the program from more than one user with different authorities and support the powers on the various processes.
* Support the powers at the level of the rank so that the rank of a specific you have the authority to add - modify ... etc.
* Ability to create reports easily and without reference to us through the technology Fekra Template Report when you do not find a report program you can create the report yourself and with all flexibility
* Possibility to add an image of any individual through an external folder or through the webcam Cam and various features.
* Works within the Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows XP environment, and can be used by more than one user at the same time. It works on all LAN systems and the Internet.
* M system programming in 2012 Microsoft Visual Basic. Net and MS Sql Server 2008 or 2008 databases.
* Supports backup of automatic and manual system data with FekraCloud.BAK support.

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