Cyber Security

Protection systems that are provided by the platform "Software Idea"

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Cyber Security

After all, organizations globally went to introduce information technology technologies of all kinds in different areas of work to improve workflow, it was necessary to find tools to protect our various data from electronic attacks so that they are not exposed to danger or theft, which harms companies, so we at the "Software Idea" platform have Providing security consultancy to guide companies in how to deal to protect their data.


تقييم الخدمات الإلكترونية

Evaluation of electronic services

We evaluate all electronic services that companies provide in terms of security to ensure that their information is confidential and not exposed to any electronic threats.


الاستشارات الأمنية

Security Consulting

We provide security consulting for all organizations to build long-term security strategies to serve the goals of organizations, protect all their data, and protect applications, networks, and various systems.

Security risk services

Among the services provided by "Software Idea" for technologies and software are a number of security tests to verify that your systems, data, or business are not exposed to any penetration or vulnerabilities that allow this.

 فحص أكواد البرمجيات

Software code checking

It includes checking the security reports of the various software codes to detect any vulnerabilities that may exist in them and work to solve them.


اختبار تطبيقات الويب

Web Application Testing

This testing includes identifying web application vulnerabilities, reporting them to the customer, and working to remedy them to ensure that your data is not stolen.

اختبار الاختراق الكامل

Full penetration test

Our software also identifies and fixes weaknesses and security holes in your IT network.

 حماية طرق الدفع

Payment Methods Protection

Payment prices vary according to the types and sizes of vulnerabilities that are discovered in different electronic systems.


 حماية البريد الإلكتروني

Email Protection

We block viruses that may disrupt sending and receiving emails and block unwanted messages.

رصد هجمات حجب الخدمة

Monitor DoS attacks

We detect attacks that block your services on websites and prevent your customers from easily reaching you.


Network Services

Among the services for protecting companies from security, attacks is the protection of the infrastructure of the networks and the systems used in them. This is what we help you with in the "Software Idea" Foundation for software and technological technologies


 فحص الأدلة الرقمية

Digital Evidence Examination

This service is provided to companies that have been attacked before to determine their source and what gaps were exploited in the breach, and we are working to quickly solve the problems of these gaps to ensure that such attacks are not repeated.


 اختراق الشبكات

network penetration

We provide a comprehensive report on all networks through which it operates to identify weaknesses or gaps in them through the latest methods used for this and in complete confidentiality to ensure the protection of your data.


منع الاختراق

Intrusion Prevention

We provide a system that senses security breaches before they occur by recording and monitoring the steps of these attacks, which contributes to reducing them.


إدارة أمن المعلومات

Information Security Management

Data for products and services used in IT security management is collected to ensure that they do their part in protection well.


سجل مع "فكرة" الآن


Protection systems that are provided by the platform "Software Idea"

We provide a number of systems to protect the different networks and software of companies, which can be managed remotely and send their own reports to customers to follow up on everything related to the protection of their electronic security in full.


تقوية أنظمة الحماية

strengthening protection systems

We ensure that all electronic technology settings that the customer uses follow the approved security protection method.


رصد الهجمات عن بعد

Monitor attacks remotely

We provide remote operating systems that monitor, block, and report on attacks that our customers may be exposed to.




It is a method in which data is re-published, but in encrypted text, which makes it difficult to read and know what information it contains.


التقارير الأمنية

التقارير الأمنية

We provide professional reports on monitoring and reporting vulnerabilities in customer systems for customer protection agencies to deal with.


نموذج الدفاع التنبؤي

Predictive Defense Model

It is a provided model that deals aggressively with the threats that can be done to monitor them even as these attacks evolve.


مراقبة قواعد البيانات

Database Monitoring

Due to the importance of corporate data, we provide you with special monitoring systems to protect it over time and monitor any attacks that you may encounter.


نسخ احتياطي لبياناتك

Back up your data

We provide you with backup service for all your data and various applications, essential and sensitive information of your business and customers for reuse in the event of loss of your essential data.


حماية حسابات التواصل الاجتماعي

Protect your social media accounts

Due to the spread of the various social media accounts of companies, and the ease of penetration, we are working to provide the most powerful protection systems for them.


Training Services

The "Software Idea" platform offers various training courses in the field of electronic security to identify the risks of these attacks and the consequent losses when they occur to organizations and to provide awareness of how to deal with and repel them.


تدريب الأفراد

personnel training

The "Software Idea" platform offers various training courses on everything related to the field of electronic security to qualify individuals in dealing with these attacks and qualify them to work in the field of electronic security.

تدريب خاص بعملائنا

Training for our clients

We provide our clients with training courses for the employees working with them to educate them about the dangers of cyber-attacks and train them with the latest systems on how to deal with them and monitor them before they occur and then address them.


ابدأ معنا الآن


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