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Fekra Real Estate and Property Management

A real estate accounting and management program for real estate owners, real estate companies, and real estate offices. It is the most powerful real estate accounting program in the Kingdom. It serves all real estate fields including sale, rent, reports, securities, real estate database management system, The program aims to facilitate the work of real estate institutions and the management of accounts and control of securities contracts lease and sale in addition to the presentation of final reports for each building and each apartment and each client and the difference between the program Vkara real estate and programs Other continental lie in infrastructure and is the link between sections of real estate accounting, since all other programs are either programs only accounting or only property management software, the real estate program it brings together the two sections When carrying out any treatment followed by real estate accounting treatment automatically. In this way, the idea of ​​Real Estate Real Estate program is comprehensive and distinctive

* Encountered an easy and convenient Arabic program. .
* Property management (buy-investment-marketing-rent).
* Mobile SMS Alerts (SMS)
* Detailed real estate reports (daily income - leased apartments - restrictions and bonds movement - blacklist clients reports - financial accounts balances reports).
* Integrated real estate marketing system
* Follow-up movements and offers and offers available.
* Linking and archiving real estate files (map-croke-outline-image).
* Edit conditions and print contracts automatically.
* Works under the Windows 7 environment and can be used more than the use of the network can be attached.
* Supports working on the Internet and connecting branches to your company or intranet
* Possibility of approving or rejecting registrants as well as real estate advertisements.
* Control site data such as text, images and more
* Easily add real estate ads to your site.
* The possibility of knowing the ads visible and hidden on the site.
* Advanced search by price, area, area and all search details.
* The possibility of deleting or modifying real estate advertisements at any time.
* Speed ​​processing commands and even information with large amount of data
* Does not need to deal with the program highly experienced in computer.
* Use SQL technique in dealing with the database
* Speed ​​Lightness Ease of Search Organization Precision.
* Available for printing reports.
* Mechanism of cancellation of contracts and bonds
* An infinite number of users of the system for you and your employees with defining the powers of each employee.
* System supports Hijri calendar and Gregorian calendar
* The possibility of hiding phone numbers from customers and from the user.
* Possibility to add the office logo, name and phone.
* Connecting the solar system
* Data tenants and buyers of real estate.
* Payment and maturity data for rental and ownership payments
* Cash and installment sales data on the unit.
* Data of service companies (electricity, water, insurance, maintenance).
* Maintenance contract data on the property or unit.
* Data payment of installment payments and payments from the buyer.
* Payment and maturity data for rental and ownership payments.

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