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Fikra, issued and electronic archiving - reports and chart The Outbound and Incoming Program is a basic program for schools and companies and is important for many companies where it works on Reduce the number of stages on which correspondence / documents should pass on their way to their final destination. Save time and effort by being able to track the status of correspondence / documents in terms of their location (in which department), who is responsible for taking action, delay, etc. Security and confidentiality where correspondence / documents are presented only to the competent departments. Obtain electronic images of correspondence / documents resulting from the system or any correspondence / documents sent to the different departments of the organization both internally and to external parties. Link correspondence / documents related to a specific topic received and issued, in addition to linking with correspondence / documents referred to as attachments, which gives the user the ability to move quickly and easily through a single interface. Communication / integration with other systems in the various departments of the organization.
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