Technical Consulting

Get any kind of consulting you need from "Software Idea"

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Technical Consulting

Get through the "Software Idea" platform, a consulting service for information technology and strategic planning for technical operations within your company, which helps in serving and achieving your goals by providing the best technology solutions and advanced technical software. By knowing everything related to your field of work and how to deal with it to provide successful services. Register with us to ensure development and success.


Get any kind of consulting you need from "Software Idea"

The work fields differ in terms of being administrative areas or areas related to providing different services or products to your customers, so we provide all kinds of appropriate consultancy for each field in proportion to the different stages of work, improving performance in terms of service or product, and designing technological solutions to overcome any problems that may Face the workflow and also planning for the future.


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Practical advice

We are working to improve the services and products provided to customers, by analyzing the different stages of work that these services or products go through, and building a strategy to work based on them and developing various solutions to ensure a successful workflow, by providing the following consulting services:
Information System Audit and Control
Providing electronic management solutions E.Business
Providing e-government solutions E-GOV
Portal Solution
Enterprise Application Integration

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Management Consulting

We study management factors that have a high impact on your company or work organization, in terms of human management factors, procedures and strategies for your business, and we offer you various consulting solutions that help you enhance your business and achieve its goals, such as:
Analyze the current situation of the company in order to be able to evaluate it.
Improving the various work procedures and working on creating new, more developed procedures in line with the company’s field.
Evaluate the various bidding requests and tenders and work on improving them.
Create strategic planning for information technology.
Providing consultancy related to the management of various projects.


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